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Digital Library in Karnataka State Women’s University

Location: Vijayapura

Project Owner: Karnataka State Women’s University

‘Digital Library in Karnataka State Women’s University Project’ is an initiative to reach and impact aspiring students and learners through thoughtful technology in educational resources. Under this project, mintbook has implemented a Digital Library in Karnataka State Women’s University and provided accessibility to various e-books and video content covering subjects – Economics, History, Sociology, Political Science, Education, Commerce & Management, Computer Science, Physics & Electronics, Chemistry & Pharmaceutical Science, Bio & Life Science, Competitive & Employment, Literature & Classics, etc. Also, mintbook provided required Open Resource Content in higher education, professional and research. This project helped foster Regional language by bringing regional literature and content to the audience. Under this project, an exclusive online dash board with live data was created for the administrator to view the analytics report catering to - number of users and logged in users, User profile, eBooks / Videos accessed, User behavioral pattern and their feedback, Language and category of content used by geographical split and Time and duration spent in knowledge network.