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Library and LMS in Teachers’ Training Academy

Location: Centre for Experimental Learning for Secondary Schools, Dharwad

Project Owner: Government of Karnataka

Mintbook provided Digital Learning Solution with e-content at Centre for Experimental Learning for Secondary Schools, Dharwad (Govt. of Karnataka). This solution is implemented through IOT Device-mintbox connected with LAN setup, for teachers training to enhance pedagogical skills with the aid of curated and encrypted digital course modules. In the current world Digital teaching and learning plays an extraordinary role in School Education. Such digital interventions in schools provide a world of opportunities to teachers to transform their practices by providing the learners with improved educational content and more effective teaching and learning methods.


This project aimed at providing more audio visual educational materials that increase learner’s motivation and facilitates easy acquisition of basic skills. This solution also made it possible for teachers to engage students in self-paced, self-directed problem-based or constructive learning experiences; and also test student learning in a new and engaging ways that may better assess their understanding of the concepts.