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Today, digital learning is becoming a progressively popular means of offering and gaining education. As per market resources, the online education market in India is estimated to witness an 8x growth in next 5 years. Also, there has been an increase of around 12% - 14% per year on average in enrolments for online learning over the last 5 years.

Understanding digital learning is very simple. Digital learning is learning using electronic devices to access educational curriculum. Digital learning or eLearning is widely utilized by public K–12 schools in India as well as private schools. Some digital learning environments take place in a traditional classroom; others allow students to attend classes from home or other locations.

Not only school, many organizations have also started to meaningfully digitize learning, mainly to stay connected with learning populations and reduce heavy costs associated with old methods such as instructor-led training. Digital Learning has now been adopted and used by various organizations to educate their employees. There are several states that are utilizing cyber and virtual platforms for digital learning across the country that continue to increase.

Advantages of Smart Class Education:

Organizations with large and spread out distribution chains use it to educate their sales employees as to the latest product developments, sales strategies, customer development and retention without the need of organizing physical courses. Banks also use digital learning method to keep their employee’s CPD (Continuing Professional Development) level up.

Organizations, schools and higher education institutions are slowly beginning to adopt the model of a digital learning environment. A number of schools and institutions have already adopted the use of projectors, mobiles, tablets and computers in the classroom set-up. This gives schools the prospect to utilise online resources to widen the possibilities and exposure for teachers and students to the current trends, latest opportunities and activities. This helps students have access to the latest and best online tutorial, bonus lessons, videos and other websites that assist with school curriculum.

As for those who are not able to afford the expensive infrastructure, mintbook provides high value infrastructure with various economic options and solutions available depending on the requirements.

Easy access to the online information: Teachers can easily access online information published on the internet to project to the students. This brings in an element of excitement and fun to learning.

Mintbook, stand by the mantra “Something Different for Everyone!” Use Mintbook to give every student, teacher and employee their own best experience - and find new ways to make it even better.

Cost effective teaching: Through smart class, a teacher can teach many students effectually without buying expensive tools, reference books and other study materials. It is a one-time cost, which possibly serve for a long time.

To sum up:

Mintbook, is an innovative technology product company that provides technology solutions and services that remove geographical or technological barriers, helping State Education Departments, Public Libraries, Digital India and Smart–city initiatives of the Government to achieve success. Mintbook is changing the world by changing the way knowledge can be shared. Our eLearning solutions empower everyone — from school students to innovators in Fortune 500 companies - to stand together, to discover and to expand on ideas.

We innovate best-in-class technologies and services that help people drive success. We help individuals access a safe & secure place to learn, and an engaging lifelong path to their goals.

Our objective is to:

  • Develop and implement solutions where digital content is made accessible and available across the country including remote areas bridging knowledge gaps.
  • Design an easy to adopt model with technology simplicity and cost effectiveness to serve the bottom of the pyramid users.

Today, we have more than 6,50,000 digital books from various publishers in English and regional languages covering various areas of learning. Many of organizations from different sectors including, education, professional services, public services, financial services, and many more benefit from Mintbook.

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