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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I set-up a Bookshelf or a Library?

Bookshelf is for smaller groups and Library is for a larger group. Institutions, colleges, corporates and community groups are recommended to use Library, although, individuals can also opt for Library.

2. What is "Gift Library” feature?

Gift Library is a feature where you can gift a digital library to a college, an institution or to a good friend by paying the required fee along with an ebook gift voucher.

3. What is the cost for gifting a Library?

The one time setup fee is Rs.4700/-, and Rs.30/- is the license fee per user, per annum. The eBooks gift voucher can be purchased in multiples of Rs.1000/-.

4. Can I download the eBook?

Mintbook is aimed at community reading or in other words, reading with friends. This is possible only with online reading. However, some books are available for download as per the publisher`s choice.

5. What is "Upload Content"?

Through this feature, user can upload his/her own content in PDF, MP3 (audio) and MP4 (video) formats into their Bookshelf/Library.

6. How many users can read a single copy of a book?

The concurrent access to books is restricted to the number of copies purchased and carried in your Bookshelf or Library. For example, if there are 2 purchased copies of the same book in the library, then 2 users will have access to the book simultaneously.

7. What is coupon discount?

While making the payment, coupon codes can be applied to avail discounts on the total cost of your cart.

8. Can I print/save notes?

Notes can be saved online and will be available even when you access the same book again. Printing of Notes is not allowed.

9. What are the steps to create a Library?

A library can be created by making the payment for the facility and then uploading your logo and some details about the proposed Library, or, by using a gift coupon, if the same has been gifted by someone.

10. Why am I facing problems while uploading my profile picture?

You need to upload your photo in the jpg format and the jpg file size must be smaller than 2 MB.

11. Why are mobile number and address required for payment?

Mobile number and address are required to process the bank transaction, and if the same has not been filled while registering, then they must be provided at the time of payment.

12. How can I view my order details?

Click on the user name on the right top corner and then click on order history to view the order details.

13. Who can buy books in a Library/Bookshelf?

The registered admin in charge of the Library/Bookshelf can purchase the books for Library/Bookshelf.

14. What are the various payment options?

Net banking, credit card and debit card are the payment options.

15. How I can go to my Bookshelf after upgrading to a Library?

After upgrading to a Library, you cannot go back to your Bookshelf. All the contents in your Bookshelf will be automatically updated in your Library.

16. Why am I not able to open an eBook? It shows “no copies available”.

This indicates that all the available copies of the selected book are being used by other users of the Bookshelf or Library

17. How can I add/remove user from my Library?

To add a user, the Admin of the Library needs to login to Mintbook and click on Manage Users → Invite more Users → click ADD tab

18. How can I get a bill/invoice of the purchased book?

To get the bill/invoice, go to Order history and click on the Order number. Here you will find the option to get the bill/invoice of the purchased book.

19. Can I copy or print the content from the eBook?

No, copy and print options are unavailable.

20. How can I delete a note/drawing?

Select the particular note/drawing and click on delete option in toolbar.

21. Can I remove the strikeout/highlighter line from an eBook?

Yes, select the strikeout/highlighted words and click on delete option in the toolbar.

22. Can I read books in my tablet/smartphone?

Yes, the eBooks are available for reading on all digital mediums.