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Digital Schools as part of CSR Initiative

Location: Rannebenur, Haveri District

Project Owner: Lions Club

Digital School is established at Rannebenur, Haveri District with the support from Lions Club. Through this initiative, Mintbook Digital School promotes digital education among underprivileged students. The initiative seeks to leverage the company’s expertise in developing technological solutions. Mintbook Digital School is equipped with an IoT device, Tablets, Projector and a white screen. This kit completes the IT infrastructure needed at the school premises. This also helps in tracking the impact live in terms of their reading pattern, performance, access and so on. Mintbook Digital School supplements regular lessons in mathematics, science and social science to explain concepts in an engaging and interactive manner. Teachers are trained to use the equipment effectively and make the lessons come alive. Mintbook’s education for all is an innovative concept of adopting schools and filling the teaching gaps through smart IoT based classroom learning. These are curriculum based concept animated videos in English, Hindi, and Regional languages, along with eBooks from various publishers for the targeted such curriculum and student’s aspirations including competitive exam preparations, personality development, language labs, storybooks and classics, literature, digital literacy, etc. The analytics application in the device captures and provides information on the users and their usage. These analytics are synced to the online platform to view the report of each school in one dashboard. Mintbook Digital School Solution encompasses various aspects of teaching and learning, thereby bring in a holistic solution for schools, in a simplified form. The solution encompasses infrastructure, applications and services required for teaching, learning, assessment, professional development integrated into one platform.


This initiative has resulted in marked improvement in academic performance of students at both the schools. The number of toppers is on the rise and more students from the school are now participating in extra-curricular activities and are more confident. Teachers are happy and satisfied with the rising academic standard of students. Through this project, Mintbook benefitted many students, enabling them easy access to digitally interactive and smart learning opportunities. The solution helps a student not only learn curriculum contents but also get to access various reference materials, which covers information beyond the syllabus coverage. This adds value to a child in learning and understanding of a topic. Competitive exam preparation being an integral part of the learning environment, having access to contents covering various competitive exams like Olympiads, NEET, IIT, JEE, NTSE etc. helps a student to gain more confidence and knowledge to face a competitive environment.