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Smart Learning Solutions


Our goal is to provide smart education solutions a framework and a host of Smart Thinking Tools that motivate higher levels of understanding. Through this process, learners activate and build background knowledge, process information, transform their learning into a product that shows what they know, and reflect on their learning. Structured talk and assessment are carefully woven into the process to build a thoughtful context for learning and to advance the thinking of all learners. Mintbook realizes the goals of inclusivity and differentiation. The use of Education technology can bring a huge change in education. Internet and e-learning devices can make learning extremely amazing. Mintbook is actively working with Schools, Universities and Government run organizations to help the students realize this new and exciting way of learning.

Changing the way we learn

Technology has benefited us in every aspect of our life right from communication to education. Mintbook introduces a new method of teaching which is known as smart class. We use instructional material, 3D animated modules and videos, e-books, interactive learning programs and a variety of creative methods of learning. Now the students are thrilled at this concept of innovation and interactive learning process. The concept of smart classroom has not only made education interesting but also make the process of learning so convenient that people can learn at their own pace and at their own leisure. Gone are the days where students were dependent on theoretical knowledge from boring text books and black board lectures. The use of Education technology can bring a huge change in education. Internet and e learning devices can make class room environment extremely amazing. Teaching through computers, internet and multimedia devices will be a common thing in future.

Smart learning Services

Mintbook comes with a slew of smart learning services:

  • E-Books: E-books can be easily circulated over the internet. One can carry a number of e-books with them on mobile devices like smart phones, tabs and laptops and read them anytime on the go. Since this convenience cannot be facilitated through traditional books, we are constantly working with authors and publishers to help them reach out to a wider range of audience by converting hard copies of their books into e-books.
  • Mint Box: A unique, convenient and secure e-learning tool that you can use to control who can access the study materials. Once installed, licensed users can wirelessly connect to the Mint box using mobile devices and browse all the study materials in it. The Mint box can also be used offline by enabling WIFI connectivity (within 50 meter range).
  • Digital Library: Licensed users can also access an online library where they can access unlimited study materials on the topics they want to learn. Since multiple copies of e-books can be created, one particular book can be lent to any number of users at the same time. The digital library houses an arsenal of e-books and is frequently updated with books on latest topics.


Armed with latest education technology in collaboration with a global leader such as Vodafone, Mintbook is eager to work towards the shared ambition of empowering women of our country through education.

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