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Turbocharge Your Learning Process

Using our eLearning Suite: Digital Library, LMS system and Online Classroom Software. Intuitive and Scalable eLearning Solutions for a transformative learning experience

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We are the trusted eLearning partners for Government bodies, Businesses and Universities.

Award-Winning Platform

Awarded by prestigious organizations such as NASSCOM, IUSSTF, Walmart, IOT Indian Congress etc,

Why Mintbook LMS System?

A Reliable, Effective, Robust, and easy-to-use platform designed to match your needs


Can be adapted to your business needs and can easily get integrated with your existing setup

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Outstanding Digital Experience

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Completely Customizable LMS Solutions

  • Simple to implement & Easy to manage
  • Highly Scalable & Customizable
  • Gamified Virtual Learning Experience
  • Scorm 1.2, Compliant ISO 9001, ISO 27001, CERT-IN certified
  • Supports all formats videos, PDF, word excel and many more
  • Multiple tools - Courses management, Assessment, query corner, Quiz, Announcement feature, Discussion Forum, Digital Library
  • Educational Institutions, Bank, Health Care and other organization

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online learning platforms

Digital Library

  • 10 lakh content in English + 10 regional languages
  • Consists of e-Books, videos, Quiz, simulation labs, magazines, Media clippings and much more
  • Organization specific mapped content
  • Features include annotations - Notes, dictionary, highlighter, text to speech & much more
  • Proprietary DRM & eReader/Player
  • Trusted by more than 1300 libraries in India

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Gamified eLearning Solutions

  • Integrated one-to-many video conferencing options
  • Screen management tools such as annotate and chat
  • Class recording and library storage options
  • In-class surveys along with analytics for efficacy testing
  • Tag material from digital library to supplement course

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Who Can use Mintbook LMS Platforms?

An eLearning Platform for your Bank that offers courses, certifications, queries, assessment modules, discussion forums, as well as a highly-secured and gamified solution.
Training Management System


: A Learning Management Solutions for universities allows university management to seamlessly offer the best of both worlds – connecting the professors and their content in LMS and provide access to lakhs of eBooks, Journals and videos from our Digital Library.
E-Learning Companies


Move ahead with virtual classrooms and engage the students away from your classrooms with Mintbook LMS for Schools. Use our digital library repository with more than 1 million archived educational videos from BBC, Discovery, TEDed, TEDex and much more.
LMS Learning Management System


Mintbook’s Training Centres Learning Management System and Digital Library is a complete virtual coaching and certification platform. Be the differentiator your students need you to be!
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Training Providers

E-Learning System


Limitless LMS Functionality With Mintbook Digital Library

Your All-In-One Learning Solution to Support a trending and complex learning ecosystem

Holistic Knowledge Platform

Our eLearning platform consists of courses, training, assessments, quizzes, discussion forums, query corners, nuggets, certification, ILT and video conferencing. Additionally, you can even earn coins and badges using our gamification approach to learning.

Trusted Solutions

Being ISO 9001 and 27001 certified, our award-winning solution is trusted by Universities, Bank, Public & Government Enterprises & Schools. Additionally, data security is our high priority – User data and content is encrypted for your safety.

Smart Talent Management

Engages with the audience in a formal (Courses) and informal mode (Discussion Forum, Quiz Hour, Query Corner); Gamified – Coins, Badges and levels, leader board and more; and AI driven to understand the Learning Pattern and content consumption.

Encourages Learning

Personalizes the learning preferences of students through a genre of content that matches everyone’s choice, gamification and alerts, self-paced and instructor-led methods, and other personalized tools.

Omni-Channel delivery

Available over Web and mobile App for secured content rendering and learning. IoT device – MBOX for under-connected areas and internet restricted segments such as minors and children.

Vast Expanse of Knowledge

With over 1 million pieces of content in our digital library repository, users can make use of these works to gain a global perspective of the topics they want to learn.

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A Single Platform for All Your Employees Learning Needs

Upload repository of content, create courses, tag content from digital library to your courses, nuggets, quiz, assessment, certifications; Discussion Forum, Quiz Hour, Query Corner; Instructor led coaching, video conferencing, analytics & reports; Digital Library – eBooks, Journals, Videos – Commerce, Management, Engineering, Medical, Academics, Competitive, Personality Development, Archives – BBC, TEDex, TEDed, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Bloomsbury, Associated Press and much more.

Enterprise LMS, LMS Learning System, learning management software

Course Creation and Management

Niche and simple technology platform for Admin roles – Self navigation for content uploading, course creation – chapters / modules / quiz / courses, course schedulers, user management and other functionalities.

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Corporate Training LMS, Online Course Software, education management courses

Engaging Course Rendering Model

Different formats – PDFs, Videos, Texts, PPTs, Excel. SCORM compliant videos, Snippets / Nuggets inside the videos, Random Quiz during the course, Discussion Forum and Query Corner (Moderated), Gratification for every activity in the platform. All these are so engaging and self-involved for the learners.

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Assignments, Assessments and Certifications

Upload assignments and accept completed assignments, instructor grading, Quiz and assessment with timer / without timer simulated from question bank for each user, easy to set grading system and online digitally signed certification.

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Coins, Badges and Leader Boards for Gamification

Gratification for every activity and sense of accomplishment for the learners – Coins to boost their online time in platform. Badges, levels and leader boards for peer competition and motivation. Colourful and vibrant UI. Gamified and animated visuals.

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Digital Library

Our platform has eBooks, Journals and Videos from reputed publishers and more than 10 Lakhs+ content for every need – academic, competitive, personality, engineering, medical, literature, science, DIYs, News, Geography, Sustainability in 10 languages. Additionally, the platform contains global video content – TEDex, Bloomsbury, The Wall Street Journal, The economist, Associated Press and much more. The digital library content can also be tagged to courses in LMS.

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Reports & Analytics

Analytics that depicts graphically and by datasheets, on the learning pattern, behaviour, choices and demands, platform usage and much more. 25+ standard reports and many customizable report formats.

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School LMS, Virtual Classroom for Students, Virtual Classroom for Universities

Security and Plug-ins / APIs

Trusted by highly secured industries. Cert-in Certified, ISO 9001 and 27001 certified, data encryption standards and secured API integrations with existing HRMS or ERP solutions.

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Create a Strong and Agile Learning Experience for Your Employees

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Mintbook is considered a pioneer in the field of digital upskilling and education tools. With an exceptional learning system, our clients include sturdy organizations, such as banks, libraries, governmental offices, and universities to upskill their employees and to digitize their learning inventory.