he engineering study is like swinging between lectures, classes, project works, and assessments. Most of the time, these hustles make a student feel overwhelmed with an unending list of things to do. The most important part, which is, studying and understanding the topics thoroughly, often takes a back seat. For Mechanical engineering students, the scenario is no different. The mechanical engineering study is an amalgamation of learning how things work along with the design of things. So, you must read and learn the right concepts to be a good mechanical engineer. Hence, we bring the list of educational websites for mechanical engineering students to have a smooth learning journey and find great study resources.  

These Educational Websites for Mechanical Engineering Students, listed below offer, everything from reading resources, journals, magazines, latest trends in the mechanical engineering domain to interactive study tools, eBooks, lesson explanations, simulations and so on. So, if you are eager to learn and grasp mechanical engineering, learning online is your best shot.   

The List of Educational Websites for Mechanical Engineering Students  


Matweb is an online material information source and one handy platform to find relevant information about materials for mechanical engineering students. This means if you want to find information or learn about any materials properties, Matweb is the place for you. Be it metals, plastics, thermostats, or lubricants, every material that an aspiring mechanical engineer would think of is on the Matweb with collaborative information. Moreover, you need not Google the units or any extra information because the platform gives it all in one place. It is a simple and comprehensive website to study materials and there are no confusing information, misleading content, just straightforward information and relevant explanation in simple language on this website.   

You can either browse from the free limited database or buy a premium membership to browse endless information on the portal. The site also has accessible calculators and converters specifically for mechanical engineering students to make common engineering tasks available at one click for the students.   

American Society of Mechanical Engineers  

If finding information in a variety of mechanical engineering topics at one click is your goal, you will most probably land on the American Society of Mechanical Engineers website. Being a mechanical engineering student from any part of the world, you must check out this site for some relevant information and study resources. You will find every minute detail and information about advanced engineering, pressure technology, clean energy, Robotics, and bio-engineering on the website. Even when you are looking for codes and standards, this website is the one for you.   

You will also find some practical posts about mechanical engineering in the resources section of the website. Furthermore, the editorial section of the platform is also great for reading some well-written articles that discuss the future of the manufacturing industry.  

Mechanical Engineering Portal  

One of its kind portals for mechanical engineering students, Me Mechanical is a site developed by one of the fellow mechanical engineers with a pure intention to bring all the relevant study materials, projects, seminars, articles, concept explanations available at a click for those who are learning mechanical engineering. You will find several articles on topics such as automotive, manufacturing, machine design, hydraulic machines, thermodynamics, power plant engineering, heat transfer and fluid mechanics on this site, for free.   


Instructables is the platform created by one of you for you and those who contribute to it are also amongst you. This site offers an open platform for all hobbyists and enthusiasts to share their mechanical engineering designs, articles and resources with their fellow mechanical engineers and students. This platform focuses on real-life projects based on mechanical engineering. You can always learn something new and try your hands on new projects when you land on this site.    

The website even makes classes and courses available for those keen on learning new engineering things from scratch and before you can apply your knowledge to the projects.  


This website brings the latest developments in the field to fellow mechanical engineers across the world. iMechanica showcases research papers of the scholars and make them available to read for everyone from the mechanical engineering community. You might feel overwhelmed if you are a beginner in the field, however, for those looking for deep insights into the field, this site is for you. Moreover, the site also brings some comprehensive course notes from top Universities across the World.  


Keen on learning mechanical engineering concepts? EdX brings all the learners’ free classes for learning some interesting concepts. However, you must take a paid registration to own a certificate. On the other hand, learning is free on EdX and you can learn any concept in detail. You can learn from the best institutions across the world by visiting the website. It not only offers top courses but brings every avid learner of mechanical engineering closer to interactive study resources.  


Mintbook self-learning platform is emerging into a learning cult as students are not only finding study resources but a full-fledged learning suite to pace up higher studies. Some of the most popular curriculum eBooks, affiliations with universities, and in association with renowned publishers for technical books, the platform brings it all, necessary for comprehensive study and learning. You can browse from thousands of Mechanical engineering course books, based on your syllabus in the Mintbook Digital Library and start learning online. Moreover, the platform brings interactive study tools at bay. All of this is available at a single click and at an affordable monthly subscription price.   

MIT Online Courses

In the realm of engineering studies, MIT courses are at par excellence. Students can browse from the course relevant study materials and also access a wide range of instructional or lecture videos on the MIT portal. MIT or Massachusetts Institute of Technology let’s choose courses and find educators in a few clicks.   


Coursera comes in handy for learning mechanical engineering concepts, lessons or attending some insightful online lectures. Some of the courses on Coursera are even free to enrol in. These courses are offered by either the companies or institutions. The website gives you a good starting point for using some CAD programs and methods. There are payment-based certification courses available on the site. So, you can choose from either and start learning.    

More About Mechanical Engineering Online  

You can also visit online forums like Quora, Reddit or Eng-Tips to participate or gain knowledge about some basic concepts of mechanical engineering right from your engineering community folks. For staying up-to-date on what’s happening in the engineering world, you should follow sites like- MEMUK, engineering clicks, interesting engineering, and The Manufacturer 


There are endless online resources for mechanical engineers to study. However, you must know where to look. Sites offering free courses, tutorials and news help students across the world and in India to keep up with the momentum of the engineering study. The above-mentioned sources are relevant, pocket friendly and aim to bring the right education to the right audience.   

If you are exploring engineering study, tutorials, assessments, and forums all at one place, Mintbook learning app is a platform built just this way. It is made for every student to study online and ace at academics. One cost-effective subscription to the Mintbook platform gives its users endless access to its exhaustive digital library and interactive study tools.