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Better education for a better world

Mintbook is a journey of touching millions of lives. It is a fine product at the intersection of Technology, Content and Market. Mintbook was started in December 2013 by a team of education and tech enthusiasts, each carrying more than two decades of experience in teaching and technology. Mintbook’s digital content dissemination platform is powered by proprietary Digital Rights Management (DRM) and eReader / Player. Mintbook believes in continuous research and development in technology and content. A patent has been filed for MBOX IoT based learning server and the content curation technique followed is from indepth research collaboration with Finland. Mintbook holds digital rights from more than 100 Publishers in 10 different languages and in different formats. Mintbook has set up more than 1200 digital libraries in the country, catering to the needs of educational institutions, enterprises, Government and Smart Cities.

A complementing product – mintbook Learning Management Solution (LMS) was launched in 2016 and was very well received by the market. The company and our commitment are being validated consistently in various forums by way of recognitions and awards. The latest being the proud entry of MBOX into, EMERGE 50 league of NASSCOM 50 innovations 2018.

Our vision is to break the technology infrastructure barriers and bring education and learning accessible to all. Our omni-channel delivery is a proof of this. With a strong foundation in the Industry, mintbook has ventured into consumer business and aspires to disrupt the market with education and content consolidation.

Our Focus

At Mintbook, we strive to deliver world-class learning content for enterprises and businesses. We are committed to building a phenomenal e-learning experience for our users seamlessly. Mintbook team is driven to bring innovation in e-learning and is determined to make learning and upskilling a constant and simple process.