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Learning Management System for Colleges
lms for colleges
College LMS
learning management system for colleges
Best Learning Management System for Colleges

How does our LMS Platform help colleges?

A customizable LMS for easy use by anyone even without technical knowledge

A platform designed to engage students by way of query corners, audio books, quiz hours, discussion forums etc

An LMS for colleges built for high student engagement rates thanks to a gamified learning approach

Can be used by college students either for self-learning or for instructor-led training

Made in India especially for the Indian education system

Mintbook is highly-recognized in the industry with multiple awards to show for it

Highly secure with regular security updates for operating systems, SSL and TLS certificates

An ISO 27001, ISO 9001 certified company with recognition from CERT-IN, WE-Connect, and STARTUP INDIAN


LMS For Students

Gamified Learning Experiences

Students can learn like they are playing a game – the more fun they have, the more they learn. All this, thanks to a gamification approach to learning where students earn badges and coins while they learn.

Personalized View of the Application

Change the colour and screen views to match personal preferences. With this feature, users get a personalized feed such as what courses they have to take, what they’ve completed, how well they have done etc.

Omni-Chanel Access

The LMS platform for colleges can be used on most devices - computers, mobile phones and tablets etc. Additionally, the platform is supported by most browsers – Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome with a minimal bandwidth requirement.


LMS For Teachers

Testing and Certification

The LMS platform allows teachers to assign tests to their students with one click and understand their learning progress. Teachers can also award certificates to students on course completion.

Multiple Languages Supported

Courses are available in multiple languages – English, Hindi, and other regional languages. As a result, teachers can inclusively train all their students without having to worry about leaving anyone behind.

Flexible Control Panel

In one glance, educational instructors can view and manage courses, tests and assignment for all students. Teachers can easily track student performances based on the saved data on the system.


What Our Clients Say

Mintbook is considered a pioneer in the field of digital upskilling and education tools. With an exceptional learning system, our clients include sturdy organizations, such as banks, libraries, governmental offices, and universities to upskill their employees and to digitize their learning inventory.

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