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Why to Settle Only For an Efficient Customer Training?

Pertinent and exciting content is the key to efficient customer training. Your customers respond better to interactive training content and train efficiently. So, it will be a smart move to extend the amazing privileges of a Learning Management System to the customers and engage them with interactive learning programs.

Mintbook LMS for training customers helps the organizations

  • Design and deliver learning materials as per audience needs
  • Training instructors can leverage both formal and informal methods of training
  • Admins can measure the learner activity
  • Highlights improvement areas in customer training
  • Ensures customer success to the companies

Excellent Customer Trainings with Mintbook LMS

Customers are your extended enterprise. Training customers yields businesses excellent returns. So, companies must focus on customer training as much as they mediate employee learning.

The right choice in Customer training will enable you to enhance-

Customer relations
Increase customer satisfaction
Ensure customer retention
Reduce client support and interactions
Maximize profits driven by enhanced customer service

Find Potentially Infinite Interactive E-Resources

Enabling companies impart intelligent learning and elevate learner’s experience with Mintbook Digital Library.

Our Digital Library is a perfect blend of

Course Materials + Interactive Tools
Read from E-resources + Engage with videos and simulations
Relevant information + Fun Learning

Add Value to Customer Learning Experience with Exciting Virtual Classrooms

Teaching customers how to use your products and services is the most efficient way to increasing customer engagement. But how to do that by using virtual classrooms? The good news is that customer trainings are more effective, exciting, and enhanced with online classrooms, having added benefits of reciprocal learning tools.

Mintbook virtual classrooms are futuristic in a way that it has many amazing features like whiteboard integration, live chat, instructor-led-trainings, etc. All of these allow the course admins to enable customers to learn interestingly. Virtual classrooms also make training assessments a lot easier. By using real-time learning in virtual classrooms companies can

  • Keep the learning materials up-to-date.
  • Establish seamless communication.
  • Build customer trust.

With some exceptional features like a live recording, customers can record training sessions and access them anytime at their convenience. Or companies can utilize the feedback tool to gather data on customer feedback immediately and make the required improvements on training programs.