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LMS platform for Training Providers

Deliver Live Classes using our LMS platform

Use our LMS for training providers to bring tutoring into the homes of your students. With our 360-degree learning approach, tutors can use our inventive LMS platform to deliver instructor-led training to their students while also using our considerable digital library to adopt real-world examples to illustrate their points. With videos and eBooks from publishers like BBC, Stanford, and the Oxford University Press, trainers can explain concepts that range from foreign economic policy to thermodynamics with considerable comfort.

Customizable Testing at your fingertips

Mintbook is a comprehensive learning solution that can be used by teachers to not just teach but also for assessment tools that helps build learner profiles. When you work with Mintbook, you get tools to test the effectiveness of your learning materials and tools to help your students prepare for their competitive exams such as IIT-JEE, CLAT, SAT, GMAT etc.


What Our Clients Say

Mintbook is considered a pioneer in the field of digital upskilling and education tools. With an exceptional learning system, our clients include sturdy organizations, such as banks, libraries, governmental offices, and universities to upskill their employees and to digitize their learning inventory.

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