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Why Choose Mintbook LMS Solutions?

Customizable LMS system for new generation learners and teachers

An Easy-to-use experience that is missing in traditional, existing LMS platforms

No prior technical knowledge is required – Anyone can use our LMS platform

Configurable for self-learning and teacher-led learning (video-based classrooms)

Comes with a complementing digital library with ebooks, videos, journals, and quiz forums from reputed publishers

Active student engagement through discussion forums, nuggets, chats, query corners, and leaderboards

An LMS system with Gamified learning experience with coins and badges

Recognized in the industry with multiple awards

An ISO 27001, ISO 9001 certified company with recognition from CERT-IN, WE-Connect, and STARTUP INDIAN

Mintbook LMS System Features

Effortless Content Experience

Fabricated to teach, our LMS solution allows trainers to adapt their content to the needs of the learner.

Multiple Formats Supported

Our LMS system is SCORM 1.2 compliant and allows trainers to integrate presentations, videos, spreadsheets, audio clips, and pdf documents into their training sessions.

A Thorough Evaluation System

Create question banks (or make use of our huge repositories of mock papers and timed quizzes) and schedule promotional exams to identify the effectiveness of the training modules.

Total Content-Sharing Control

As one of the best learning management systems out there, we give organizations control over their content - like how they share their content and with whom.

Bespoke Content Creation

Use in-built tools in our LMS software to create and upload your own content from external webpages or use our exhaustive list of eBooks, videos, presentations and much more.


Outstanding Digital Experience


Completely Customizable LMS Software

Our LMS education system is built for schools, organizations, businesses, or universities. Whether the goal of your institution is to upskill its employees or to make learning an enjoyable experience for your students, we’ve got something for everyone.


LMS Automation for Administrators

Thanks to our flexible learning management software, administrators, administrators can execute targeted skill training for their employees and chart their progress, as well as perform tasks like automate quizzes and training reminders


Gamified eLearning Solutions

We try to make learning fun for our users. Therefore, our gamified eLearning solutions through levels and badges encourage competitive learning amongst employees and constantly challenge them to learn better.


An Exhaustive Digital Library

Integrate our carefully curated digital library with over 200,000+ books into your trainings for a robust organizational learning strategy that helps employees translate their education into actionable decisions in their workplace.


An Interactive Virtual Classroom

Our online classroom setup is built to scale up employee engagement rates and facilitate superior interaction between members via interactive whiteboards that fosters the equal participation of all learners.


A Personalized User Interface

The intuitive UI of Mintbook’s LMS permits administrators to schedule quizzes, award individual certifications, and gain and generate employee progress reports for actionable insights into their training strategies.


Content in Multiple Languages

Mintbook’s eLearning software is inclusive and ensures that no sector of the workforce is left untouched during training. Our courses are available in multiple languages like English, Kannada, Hindi, and Urdu.


Easy accessibility to our LMS Platform

Access our LMS tools on any device and at any time. With multiple options to choose from, such as web applications, mobile apps, or via MBook (our very own IoT device), our eLearning system is designed to make data available to businesses with minimal data bandwidth requirements.


Intensive LMS Assessments

Organizations benefit from Mintbook’s exhaustive test preparation materials, which is available in Hindi and English, to assess the progress of learners and identify knowledge gaps to help chart the learning objectives accordingly.


Who Can use Mintbook LMS system?

An eLearning Platform for your Bank that offers courses, certifications, queries, assessment modules, discussion forums, as well as a highly-secured and gamified solution.
Learning Management Solutions for universities allows university management to seamlessly offer the best of both worlds – connecting the professors and their content in LMS and provide access to lakhs of eBooks, Journals and videos from our Digital Library.
Move ahead with virtual classrooms and engage the students away from your classrooms with Mintbook LMS for Schools. Use our digital library repository with more than 1 million archived educational videos from BBC, Discovery, TEDed, TEDex and much more.
Mintbook’s Training Centre Learning Management System and Digital Library is a complete virtual coaching and certification platform. Be the differentiator your students need you to be!
LMS for Training Centers

LMS for Training Centers

Digital Library in India
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