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Revolutionizing How the Telecome Workforce Approaches Training

The Expanse of the Telecommunication industries is enormous. Having employees and subsidiaries scattered across the globe, they can harness the potential of e-Learning to address the training needs of employees spread across various places.

How is E-Learning a Perfect Fit for Telecom Workforce?

Telecom is a complex and always changing industry. In recent years, the conglomerates of Telecommunications have witnessed privatization, deregulation, competition, and technological upheavals. To keep up with the trends, protocols, and standards, the workforce must be thoroughly trends. So, Mintbook e-learning addresses all these concerns at a go and gives a perfect solution to employee training.  


Streamline The Telecom Training with Our Top LMS Solution

As Telecom industries work on a global scale, upskilling the workforce becomes complex for the companies. But our LMS is made for you to cater to employee training programs in different cities, from different locations. And rest assured, because our LMS works efficiently ensuring excellent training and learning.

Benefits of Using LMS in the Telecom Industry

Scalable and Standardized Training

While classroom training has limitations in terms of scalability. Mintbook LMS is extensive and can be used to train as many trainees as possible at one time. Learning on all screen supported devices makes learning easy from any place at any time. So, over the many benefits of our LMS, one prominent benefit is that you can train unlimited employees at a time.

Targeted Learning

Employees from varied background and profiles work in telecom. So, developing employee-specific training programs becomes a complex task. But with Mintbook LMS you can design and execute process-specific training for all the trainees..

Flexible and Cost-Effective

With no requirement to hire special instructors, spending on their travelling costs, and so on, industries can save a good amount of money. And for the employees, it offers freedom of access and flexibility.

Countless E-books and Resources in Our Digital Library

On the table training courses require equally diverse and comprehensive study materials. The more interactive the training materials, the more efficient employee training programs are. So, Mintbook Digital Library lets the trainees learn from its extensive Digital Library comprising thousands of e-books, journals, videos, and simulations.


Gamification, Simulations, and Much More

With unlimited access to interactive learning, there is no stopping at understanding the training thoroughly. So, be ready to see driven employee performance and engagement.

A Virtual Classroom with Effective Teaching Modules

Mintbook virtual classrooms are inclusive of excellent teaching modules and teaching tools. Our live classrooms bring about the essence of human touch with some interactive features that facilitate communication in the virtual environment.


Mobile and Web Supported Platform

Trainees can access and learn from their mobile screens or web browsers. So, they can carry their classrooms anywhere and access them anytime.


What Our Clients Say

Mintbook is considered a pioneer in the field of digital upskilling and education tools. With an exceptional learning system, our clients include sturdy organizations, such as banks, libraries, governmental offices, and universities to upskill their employees and to digitize their learning inventory.

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