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Why Choose Mintbook Digital Library?

Curated content focused entirely on teaching and training

Content available in all formats – eBooks, videos, courses, quizzes, journals, and simulations (among others)

A content plan specially mapped to various curricula and syllabi as well as content for general topics

Digital rights for more than 100+ publishers in 10 Indian regional languages

Access to more than 1 Million+ eResouces so far and counting

Made in India especially for the Indian learning system

A platform easy to implement and designed for an enjoyable learning experience

Comes with a complementing LMS System and virtual classroom software

A Gamified learning experience with coins and badges

Recognized in the industry with multiple awards

An ISO 27001, ISO 9001 certified company with recognition from CERT-IN, WE-Connect, and STARTUP INDIAN

Online Library for Gram Panchayat
Online Library for School

Expand Learning Horizons

Mintbook’s digital library aims to bridge the gap between online learning and straightforward courses. Instead of monotonous, generic course materials that trains learners on mere “theoretical aspects” of subjects, an online library filled with international videos and eBooks give learners a global viewpoint of the subjects at hand and allows users to understand how to apply their trainings to real-world scenarios.

Heading Huge Repository of eResources

Mintbook’s digital library offers a variety of eBooks and 5 million+ eResources for multiple streams and subjects from trusted certified publishers. Be it science, arts, or commerce, the digital library is well equipped with knowledgeable eBooks to help students study every subject in detail and prepare for competitive exams. Students get to choose from various eBooks for any subject of their choice.

Online Library for Universities
Online Library for Colleges

Learner-Focused Training

One of the biggest challenges that training professionals face is that learning is cannot be done using a generalized approach. Some learners adapt better to structure-focused learning modules, while others learn better when learning modules have a wide scope. Our digital module allows for taking these differences into consideration. Apart from the courses assigned by the administrators, users can browse through our inventory and view our learning materials to get a better understanding of the topic being taught.

Create Content Easily

A digital library allows administrators to supplement their training modules with high-quality and adaptive digital content from an extensive digital repository. This means that you could use works from publishers such as Wall Street Journal or LinkedIn Learning to elucidate a certain point from (say, for example) your Accounting and Finance Module.

Digital Libraries
Digital Libraries India

Learn from Any Device

Mobile phones, tablets, or computers – our online library is compatible with all digital devices. The digital library comes equipped to handle the compliance and training needs of your organization. It can be used in two ways – a web application with cloud infrastructure or via Mintbook’s mobile app.

Digital Library in India
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