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Why Choose Mintbook for Partner Training?

  • Partner Trainings are important and now easier with Mintbook
  • Designing an engaging training course is not rocket science on Mintbook Platform
  • Everything concerned with the course comes handy
  • Assessment and mapping progress of training programs is added advantage.
  • Partners get to self-learn with exciting content

Forcing Trainings on Partners is a Strict ‘No’! So, What Should You Do?

Drive the Success of Training Programs with

Step1- Use Interactive Mintbook Tools to Enhance Learning Experiences.
Step2- Simplify Learning Programs with Organized Features on our Platform.

Most of the time, the sales teams, channel partners are busy. They do have time to learn complex methodologies and ways. They learn from simple and easy to understand courses. So, Mintbook helps you design a training course as per your industry needs and the one which will be easy to understand for the trainees.

Offering Personalized Learning Experiences to The Partner Channels

Training needs vary from industry to industry, process to process, teams to teams and individual to individuals. So, how can you tailor a course that is relevant for everyone and meets all these learning needs? Simply, with the help of Mintbook Learning Management System. A company can tailor partner learning experience based on parameters such as relevance, vastness and knowledge with Mintbook and personalize the entire learning experience.


Extensive Knowledge Networks With Mintbook Digital Library

Infinite e-resources
Refined Publications at hand
Educational Videos and Simulations

Expand Learning Horizons for the Partners

Mintbook Digital Library can break the monotony of generic course materials where learners learn only the theoretical aspects of the training programs and make it much more fun and enjoyable. Admins cal also manage partner training programs and assess the trainees with interactive quizzes, gamification, and online learning games.

Live Classrooms Keep the Fun of Learning and Ease of Use Intact

When companies train the employees on Mintbook Virtual Classrooms, they not just bring training closer to the partners but also make the learning journey interactive and fun. So, virtual classrooms are accessible in bare minimum internet connectivity and on web browsers, tablets or mobile devices. So, the training made feasible for on-the-go sales teams or partners.

Admins of the training programs can manage attendance and report as easy as a breeze. So, tracking the success of training programs or delivering mandatory courses all happens swiftly with much ease on Mintbook Training Platform for the partners.