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The Problem in Operational Training That the Companies Face

Managers are already busy with their daily workflows. Training the team becomes an added burden on them. This is coupled with-

  • Uninteresting training modules
  • Labor in curating the right content
  • Clash of setting course objectives
  • Despite these, training programs remain boring, inefficient and mostly incomplete.

The One Step Solutions to All These Problems- Mintbook E-Learning Solutions that offer end-to-end training programs

All the obstacles of operational training programs can be overcome with one simple solution. That is a Mintbook Learning Management System to deploy end-to-end operational training.

Leave the Hustles Behind With SCORM 1.2 Compliant Platform

Another added advantage for companies using LMS for operations training is that our platform is compliant with SCORM 1.2 enabling course trainers to integrate presentations, videos, spreadsheets, pdfs into training sessions.

Digitizing Libraries for Easy Availability of Resources for Operations Training

Our Exhaustive Digital Library is inclusive of a wide variety of learning materials. Not just e-books, journals, or papers, but it is enriched with educational videos, audiobooks, gamified experiences, and simulations.

The training content can also be customized and is easily accessible for the users.

Plus, Enhanced Learning Experience with-




Interactive quizzes



Structure Focused Learning Modules

Trainees learn better and efficiently in such an ecosystem. The Mintbook Digital Library touches all the horizons of learning to bring a cumulative training course to operational training modules. The Digital Library is equipped as well as adaptive to accommodate content and training modules that the administrators think right to fit in.

The digital library is accessible over phones, tablets and web browsers. So, learning is available anytime from anywhere you trainees are.

Scalable and Intuitive Virtual Classrooms

Operational training needs continuity while the trainees are on the go with their busy schedules and workloads. Addressing this, Mintbook offers online classrooms with effective classroom tools. These tools provide effective teaching modules. These classrooms also support instructor-led-trainings making the entire training process way cost-effective for the companies. The companies need not spend added expenses on travel, lodging and boarding allowances of the trainers or classroom infrastructure. The Virtual classes run smoothly in the least available internet connectivity. So, classrooms reach your trainees and not the other way around.

If you are concerned about the missing human touch from online classrooms, rest assured. Because, Mintbook Virtual Classrooms have interesting features including whiteboard integration, live chat, reporting and attendance for the smooth running of the classes with the added excitement of interactive learning.