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Why Choose Mintbook Online Examination Platform?

Proctoring platform created with inputs from reputed Teachers and Educators of Leading Universities and Schools

Battle tested for all exam formats – Entrance Exam, Universities Exams and Assignments, Online Course Certification Quizzes, Term Exams, Placement Preparation

A Proctoring module specially mapped to various curricula and syllabi

Supports various Formats of different Questionnaires

Allows Identity based authentication

Made in India especially for the Indian learning system

Integrates seamlessly with our robust LMS platform and Virtual classroom software

Allows bulk uploading of Examination takers

Provides Real Time Results and allows you to share with Candidates in customizable formats

Being used by some of the top Universities and Banks across India

An ISO 27001, ISO 9001 certified company with recognition from CERT-IN, WE-Connect, and STARTUP INDIAN

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Create Assessment Modules Seamlessly

Mintbook’s online examination digital proctoring platform allows you to create and upload questions in multiple formats: Long answer questions, short answer questions, Video questions, multiple choice formats, diagram questions, computer programming and coding questions, fill in the blank questions and many more. Our system also allows you to define rules and hierarchies, negative marking, differential grading and difficulty levels. Furthermore, use our excel templates for bulk uploading of the questions.

Conduct Tests from Anywhere, Anytime

Thanks to our revolutionary Online examination software, you will be able to conduct various types of tests for your employees and students using any digital device like laptops, desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones. You can invite test takers by bulk uploading the list into our system and select the time schedule as per your choice. Conducting examinations have never been so smooth.

proctoring software for online exam
proctoring software for exam

100% Secure and Hassle-free

Our online examination software helps in conducting fair tests and exams without any risks of human error or malpractices like cheating. It uses remote candidate authentication, secure browsers, image and video capturing of candidates for identity verification, auto proctoring and 100% data encryption for fair-minded exams to produce reliable results. All the data stays in our secure servers with proper encryption.

Instant Results and Analysis

Mintbook’s online examination platform provides you instant results and advanced analytical reports specific to exams, topics, candidate performance and much more. The system also allows you to generate reliable reports which can be readily shared with the test takers. It also offers creation of customizable certificates with custom colors, logos. The certificates are professional looking and printable.

Remote Online Proctoring
Remote Online Proctoring India

Continuous Communication

With Mintbook’s online examination platform, you get multiple customizable email templates to notify the test takers about the exam schedules. You can also choose to notify them using SMS notification using any SMS API. You can easily share results and certificates with the candidates using available templates with our in-built certificate maker.

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