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Engaging | Effective | Efficient- Training with Mintbook E-Learning Solutions

Lack of initiative, disinterest in company training and absenteeism are all a thing of yesterday. Because employee training has now become more engaging, effective and efficient. Companies are reaping the benefits of LMS to train the workforce and in turn, are witnessing the change in employee performance and engagement. Further good news for the companies is that they can prevent employee turnover to a greater extent by providing exciting training courses for employee training and upskilling.  

An Intuitive Learning Management System That Impacts Employee Retention

Employees tend to stick around when they see the company taking efforts for workforce upskilling. It has been tested by many companies that engaged employees tend to stick around for longer than the ones who are not properly engaged. And with relevant training modules and meaningful courses available for polishing their skills, the employees tend to feel more engaged with the company. Companies need to focus on employee motivation by providing higher quality training.

The Change That You Will See with Mintbook
  • Seamless learning opportunities
  • Greater employee retention
  • Elevated employee performances
  • Relevant Training Content
  • Customized Training Pathways

So, Employees tend to learn the skill they want to learn, at their own pace, in their comfort. Organizations can leverage the many features of LMS to promote and support employee engagement. 


Benefits of Mintbook Platform


Gamification in Learning to Encourage Employee Collaboration

Flexible LMS provides a feature that let the companies integrate gamification, letting employee compete on the leader boards and social learning. On discussion forums, users of the same organization can connect, discuss doubts and share resources. All of these featuring bring a fun element to learning and makes the journey exciting for the trainees.

Easily Accessible Training Content in Mintbook Digital Library

For busy workforce and employees always on the run to achieve their work goals, they need training that’s accessible and available from anywhere, at any time. That’s where Digital Library comes into play. By giving access to training resources on mobile screens, tablets or web browsers, trainees learn effectively on their timetables and intuitively with several types of study materials. There are e-books, journals, papers along with podcasts, infographics, and videos that explain every concept thoroughly to the employees for better understanding and engagement. 


Articulate Training Sessions in Mintbook Virtual Classrooms

Training sessions go beyond the limitations of physical classrooms in Mintbook Virtual Classrooms, as these classrooms are interactive and have exciting integrated functions. A huge number of trainees can attend a training session at a time. They can train effectively with instructor-led training keeping the human touch intact at some point and raise a hand to discuss queries on the live chat feature. Admins can manage reporting and attendance easily on an LMS platform. Thus, training and engagement become simple as a breeze for the employees as well as the companies.