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Designing Absolute Training Courses For Supply Channel With Mintbook

Learning Management Systems now offer end-to-end advanced training courses, implementation, management and performance mapping. Companies can use a Learning Management System for creating customized learning pathways for supplier channels, course management, user management, communication and feedback, Reporting and Analytics and evaluations. 

So, when companies choose to train supplier channels on a Learning Management System, they are-

  • Designing Efficient Training Pathways
  • Cost-Effectively managing learning programs
  • Getting the added benefit of performance management

Holistic Knowledge Distribution with Interactive Resources in Digital Library

In Mintbook Digital Library, trainees get access to a wide variety of relevant content in the form of -


Personalizing the Learning Path

Interactive course content on Mintbook platform engages the trainees in the learning program and personalizes their learning path. So, every type of learner access learning material as per their choice. Hence, training the supplier channel and offering them course relevant study material becomes an effortless task for the companies. Moreover, users may even gain a global perspective and upskill in areas they want to with Mintbook LMS and Digital Library.

Highly Efficient Virtual Classrooms for On-the-go Training Needs

Drive your organization's growth by bringing training closer to the supplier chains. With the ease of access to training sessions from any place and with the least possible internet connectivity, trainees only need a device with a screen to learn. They can also live chat, solve queries, participate in discussion forums in online classrooms and attend training by their choice. Integrated whiteboard, user-friendly interphase and many such features make the overall learning journey flexible and smooth for the learners. It also accelerates the growth of the companies with trained and efficient supply channels.


Many Features, Tools and Benefits, All Under One Roof

Optimize the learning process | Offering smooth training programs | Have better trained supplier channels | Eliminate the bottlenecks in workflow |Witness excellent performance delivery.

When companies train the supplier channels with an LMS, they can enjoy the benefits of scalable training to as many as thousands of employees. At the same time, LMS based training can be carried out for trainees and supply channels in far-flung demographics without compromising the quality of learning materials for the trainees. 

LMS based training is flexible and has an accelerated response to training demands. It also has many assessments and self-assessment tools. With so many features in one place, it becomes by far the most cost-effective solution to supplier channel training.