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LMS for Small Businesses
LMS for Small Businesses
LMS for Small Businesses India
learning management system for businesses
learning management system for Small Business
LMS Solutions for Businesses
LMS Platforms for Businesses
LMS Software for Small Business

Adapt your learning strategies to real-time requirements

The corporate field is required a highly-regulated system where it is mandatory for the employees to follow numerous protocols. Mintbook’s LMS for small businesses comes with integrated virtual classrooms that helps companies take stock of their employees’ training needs and scale up their training modules. Thanks to our LMS system, firms can conduct instructor-led training sessions to train many people at once.

How Mintbook LMS Solutions help Businesses?

Helps in productivity Improvement

Develop training modules using our LMS software for corporate firms to streamline various verticals such as sales conversion processes and documentation processing to haul the bottom-line of your firm. The modules can be updated and improvised based on their performance. In the case of new found developments in any subject of the module, course content can be easily edited whenever required.

Train Employees Anywhere

Mintbook’s corporate learning management system can be used to train employees anywhere in the world. This serves to solve a huge problem that multinational firms face – how to train people in different geographic locations at different time zones. A stable LMS like ours allows your risk managers to read and study their lessons 24/7, and on any device thanks to our proprietary eReader and video player.

corporate learning management system
corporate LMS system

How Mintbook Can Help your Sector


Be it sales training, inventory management or anything else, Mintbook’s LMS for retail industries can help businesses create courses to train employee to provide excellent customer services at all times.


Training is vital for the hospitality industry. Our LMS platform allows for testing and setting customized learning pathways – both of which, are tools that help fight against sky-rocketing employee turnover rates.


Increased reliance on technology by the medical industry is important because healthcare professionals never stop learning. Our LMS helps professionals access important information by using our platform on any device.


Metrics to measure the efficacy of training modules are the cornerstone of any BPO/KPO training programs. Our Learning Management system understands your complex workflows. It comes with in-depth data visualization and it also has individualized metrics for targeted efficacy measurement.


Mintbook's LMS can be used for automating the training process of managers, shop floor workers and customer service associates. The system allows you to assign e-learning materials as well as track and report the status of the course, facilitates standardized training, which is very essential for the manufacturing sector.


Mintbook’s LMS helps create online training courses with minimum effort to train the workers. LMS makes training of cross-functional groups in an easily managed process. Provide trainees with personalized profiles and assign courses as needed. Receive notifications when the course is complete, get daily reports, and much more.



Can be used with little to no technical skills

Designed for easier use than traditional LMS systems

Can be used for both online courses and instructor-led trainings

Our company is recognized in the industry with multiple awards to our names

A gamification approach is used with badges and coins to mark learning milestones

Regular security updates ensure the security of the content

Multiple languages supported – English, Hindi, and other regional languages

A huge repository of digital content can be accessed for training


What Our Clients Say

Mintbook is considered a pioneer in the field of digital upskilling and education tools. With an exceptional learning system, our clients include sturdy organizations, such as banks, libraries, governmental offices, and universities to upskill their employees and to digitize their learning inventory.

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