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LMS for Banks
LMS for Banking
Banking LMS System
LMS System for Banks
LMS System for Banking
Learning Management System for Banks
Banking LMS System
banking LMS platform
Bank LMS Software
Bank LMS System
Bank LMS

LMS to Automate Learning for Banks and Finance Workforce

More than ever today, the success of a banking organization relies heavily on the efficiency of employees and their ability to follow compliance protocols. Banks need LMS systems to help them automate and upskill their workforce so they can offer competitive services to their customers.


Pace up Training Programs with Our LMS for Banking and Finance

To best equip the banks with end-to-end Learning Management Programs, our platform creates requirement-specific training modules. The training lessons are time-tested and customizable according to the employee needs. Focused on the improvement areas, our LMS helps create a customized learning pathway facilitating relevant learning programs. 

Why Should Banks Choose an LMS System for Employee Training?

Employee training programs are an integral part of Banking operations. Employees follow compliance protocols more efficiently when they are fully aware and well trained. So LMS helps the banking organizations upskill the workforce and prepare them to offer competitive customer services.  


Design Efficient Training Programs

Design informative and impressive training programs centered on workforce upskilling.

Evaluate Employee Engagement

Measure the efficacy of learning programs and assess the knowledge of the bankers.

Reap More Benefits

Harness maximum potential of advanced technology to offer exceptional quality customer services.

Exclusive Digital Library to Learn, Read, and Grow

Built specifically to cater to the Banking and Financial Sector needs, our Digital Library is endless and compact for continued learning.


Why Should You Choose Mintbook Digital Library?

With access to personalized learning modules for Banking and Financial Services, Mintbook Digital Library opens gates to a plethora of learning materials containing e-books, journals, educational videos, courses, quizzes, and much more.  

For Unified and Enjoyable Learning Experience

One platform for all learning needs is our aim and we bring learning content from over 100+ publishers and more than 1 million e-resources. A learning material that is not only available in 10 Indian regional languages but explained in various formats, all our efforts to keep the essence of learning intact.  


Study Materials on the Go in Every Corner of India!

With limited internet connectivity in remote areas, learning may get interrupted. With our IoT devices, e-Reader, and m-Player, bank employees can continue training and assessment or access study materials without the upheavals of internet connectivity.  

Encored Banking and Upskilling with Virtual Classrooms

With our Virtual classrooms for Baking and Financial Services, it is easy to train a geographically diverse workforce under one virtual learning tree.

Live Classrooms, User-Friendly Interphase, Many Amazing Features

Banking and Financial Services can lead instructor-led-trainings with much ease now with our compact Virtual Classrooms. Irrespective of the demographics you can ensure that your workforce is smartly trained and thoroughly educated. Moreover, mobile and web-supported software offer ease of use and features like chat, recording of training sessions, virtually raised hands, etc. Promise continued learning on the go. Live tutors can also use integrated whiteboard tool to diffuse information democratically.


What Our Clients Say

Mintbook is considered a pioneer in the field of digital upskilling and education tools. With an exceptional learning system, our clients include sturdy organizations, such as banks, libraries, governmental offices, and universities to upskill their employees and to digitize their learning inventory.

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