The important role of Libraries in education is undeniable. A library fills the gap between classroom teaching and student learning. With many hurdles, pandemics, inaccessibility, and infrastructural shortcomings, it is essential to digitize libraries as we move to the digital education era. Digital platforms save many hustles at once, giving an alternative smooth and affordable road to educational success. Therefore, an Online Digital Library for Engineering students is a boon to engineering study. Digital Library is an amalgamation of technology with resources to allow remote access to educational content. This overcomes all the physical barriers in learning.   

Digital Library for Engineering Students Mean Infinite Access to Resources  

The first and foremost benefit of relying on a digital library for learning is the availability of resources and accessibility to infinite educational content. The selections are hand-picked as per the course with a digital learning platform and students can enjoy the flexibility of learning from a multitude of formats. So, if an engineering student chooses to learn from educational videos, it is possible with a digital library. Unlike a traditional library, students can get a grasp of the topic concepts in depth by reading or understanding from the real-time illustrations in the form of infographics or videos in a Digital Library. Thus, it expands the students’ learning horizons by providing access to an enormous amount of learning materials.   

Here’s Why Engineering Study is Better with Online Digital Library  

There are several benefits of relying on an online digital library for your engineering study. As we all know engineering study is no joke and it takes a lot of dedication, diligence, and uninterrupted study to graduate as an engineer. Thus, the digital library puts forth many benefits to aid the engineering study.  

Unlimited Educational Content  

Student learning is subject to the availability of books in the traditional library. However, the digital library is inexhaustive and brimming with relevant study materials. On one hand, the physical library needs to make huge space to store all the books, while digital libraries are a place where the bookshelves can go endless. Thus, with uncountable selections at hand, engineering students no longer need to worry about finding the study materials or even hit a wall from failing to find the relevant content. Engineering study paces up like a breeze when you choose to study from an online digital library.  

Interactive Learning  

The digital library can accommodate learning materials in all formats. So, the subject matter is not restricted to reading. It is more interactive and real-time. Students get to experience how the concepts work in real life when they see them in visuals through videos and infographics. Moreover, an engineering student needs to get a feel of the concepts, about how they work out with the given principles. That’s when they get into, the core of the concepts and understand how things work. This kind of explanation of theory is crucial for engineering study. Engineers can create when they know how to.

The engineering study is all about answering this one question- how to. Given the nature of the study, it becomes difficult for the students to many times read and thoroughly understand the study topics. This question finds its answer in the online digital library where not just reading, but visuals and examples leave no room for doubts for the students.  

One-Click Solution to Doubts  

The drift from physical book reading to e-reading has another bigger perk of finding every solution in just one click. With the traditional library, students first have to look for the books in the long alleys. Then they have to search for a particular topic page by page while looking up a specific solution. However, with a custom search in a digital library, you can directly get the book you are looking for in a matter of seconds. Then, jump on to the exact topic, you are looking for and get your doubts cleared in a jiffy. Be it any doubt or any query, the digital library is built in a way to offer a solution then and there. So, jump to a topic, skip a topic or move to the next one in a digital library to pace up your study.   

No Hand-down bruises to Books Over Time  

Another necessary and a rather timeless feature of a digital library is that the books no matter how old, remain intact and in a new state forever. It can also be considered as a safe reserve for important content, information, and findings. In the traditional setup, most books and resources had the risk of being lost or destroyed in the hand downs from one person to another or from one reader to another. But that is not the case with the resources and materials in the digital library. It preserves these resources in their original forms for times immemorial. They longer possess the threat of being lost in oblivion.   

Anytime, Anywhere Access  

Given the internet connectivity, which is rampant in rural India these days, cloud-based digital libraries are accessible anytime and anywhere through a simple device. So, students from rural India will no longer have to hustle to reach colleges or Universities, or Libraries to study. They have the liberty to study as they want from their comfort. Digital Libraries give the power to the students keen on learning to read online books and learn through videos, images, infographics, online guides, and tutors and without having to wait till they manage to go travel to the University or library.   

Easy to look up or search  

Digital Library can be customized for a personalized learning experience. This means you can add books that are relevant to your course curriculum, mark topics that you need to read, and start studying from exactly the point you want to start studying. No, no physical bookmarks are needed to keep a tab of everything. The study not only becomes systematic but comes to a full circle with a digital library.   

Online Digital Library for Engineering Students at the Mintbook Self Learning Platform  

Mintbook is thriving to make higher education simple, accessible, and easy for the students. So, when we were conceiving the thought of a self-learning platform, our topmost priority is and always be procuring and making accessible the study resources. That is why the Mintbook learning app is the one that has an endless repository of relevant course books curated by experts and professionals in the field. The books in our digital library only come from trusted publication houses.   

We have not only designed the digital library to be your best resort for reading but made it with careful consideration that it makes your engineering degree journey smoother and hassle-free. Aiming to offer overall academic success, the library is full of futuristic tools like gamification, videos, infographics, and much more!  

So, be it starting your engineering study or moving a step forward Mintbook Digital Library is a must-have for every engineering student.