The ever-increasing cost of engineering education was putting a lot of parents and students under stress. It was also making engineering a distant dream for numerous students. Students had to battle expensive course fees, college fees, tutor fees, and whatnot before they began their engineering journey. Naturally, for many, it turned into a far-fetched dream, given the soaring prices of engineering education. However, the emergence of online learning platforms comes as a huge relief to students and parents. More specifically, young students or freshers can just focus on their studies while learning with these platforms. No more heavy course fees or tuition fees putting a burden on your pockets is one of the many benefits of the learning websites for Engineering students.    

Why Learning with Online Platforms is More Feasible?  

As an engineering student, you must get the right course materials, with the right tutoring and guidance at the right time. As you have to study, prepare for semesters, and also work on the project simultaneously throughout your engineering study. So, online learning websites pace up your study by offering many study tools, features, study materials, even guidance, and query corners all under one roof. You don’t have to keep looking for relevant course materials with online learning websites for engineering. Therefore, the best part about eLearning websites is that it makes the engineering journey much easier, effective and feasible for the students. At once, the websites overcome all the limitations of all classroom teaching and book reading. Because engineering study is not sufficient with mere book reading. It is more about learning, understanding, and applying.  

So, before you get into the hotcakes of technology and trends in engineering, here is the list of the best learning websites for engineering students. Read on  

Best Learning Websites for Engineering Students  


Coursera makes learning engineering courses, short term or long term possible for every student from the best Universities across the world. For a bare minimum fee for some courses and even affordable for some others, students can approach Coursera to make their engineering dreams come true within their budget. Tutoring, online support, course materials, etc. Are some of the great features of the platform. Students can also learn on Coursera for better preparation of their course along with classroom studying. It offers a comprehensive platform for students and lecturers to exchange knowledge.   

Mintbook Learning App

Mintbook learning app is among the ones that give 360-degree exposure to engineering study to budding engineers. It has a full-fledged cloud-based Digital Library which is enhanced with engineering books from renowned publications coming at a fraction of a cost to the students. Another best thing about the platform is its many intuitive features that support engineering study like never before. The platform is so built to make engineers learn and apply engineering methodologies in real life.   

Right from start to end young engineering students can choose to regulate and complete their study with Mintbook. They can make their customized study planner, discuss their doubts with their peers or professors, learn online and access numerous engineering books in the exhaustive digital library all for a minimal cost at once.   


One of the sites to follow is engineering is your bread and butter. Academic Earth.org is one of the best learning websites for engineering students who want to learn and excel without worrying about the budget. You can either study online from the top engineering colleges across the world or try to go abroad for engineering with Academic Earth.org. The website aims to offer WorldClass education to all engineering education seekers.   


Engineering.com has video tutorials on engineering and its application, explanation of concepts, principles, software tutorials, video shows on interesting discussions for every budding engineer across the world. It is one of the coolest websites for engineering students to not only learn engineering but understand its applications in the real world.   

On the other hand, this website is also for preparing yourself for job interviews after engineering or even looking for a new job. This is because the portal lists jobs from various engineering fields and geographical locations. In addition, it has great games and puzzles for light and intuitive learning, downloadable resources, and a digital library.  


Arduino is made for the hobbyist as well as students from engineering backgrounds. More specifically it is a learning website for electronics engineering students all across the world. It is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. One of the go-to features of the platform is that it offers purchasable and free online tutoring videos for beginners in the electronics and electrical engineering fields.   

MIT Open Course Ware  

Teachers and students can have unrestricted access to the study resources available by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for free online access to teaching materials for nearly all of its courses. There are certain General Engineering Categories including mechanical engineering, mathematics, electrical engineering and computer science, economics, management, and liberal arts from which the students can choose and study online. MIT is a renowned name in the field of Science, Technology, and Engineering. However, students pursuing careers as computer scientists and software engineers specifically will find relevant course materials on the platform.  


Codeacademy is one of the most innovative educational sites in the computer science field. The platform itself has two tiers of support for students interested in learning to code on a professional level. Self-directed study and basic coursework are available for free through this online learning website for engineering students.   

Moreover, students who want more active guidance, a customized learning plan, and help from professional academic advisors can upgrade to Codecademy Pro for a monthly fee that is not out of the budget mostly. Even for beginners of the coding field, the free coursework available through the basic Codecademy site can deliver a solid grounding in computing basics with minimal expense, allowing students to explore this field without making a major investment in time and money.  

So, that’s the list you now have to go, explore and learn.  

If you are looking for a complete engineering study online within your budget with all the course materials at hand, the Minbtbook self-learning platform is the one for you. From intuitive study materials, videos to gamification, Mintbook has it all to aid your engineering study without putting you under the stress of hefty course fees or gathering relevant course materials.