With the advent of eLearning, learners and enthusiasts across India are inclining more towards online learning and digital libraries. Therefore, digital library companies in India are on the brink of a revolution in the learning sector. The companies must and are working endlessly to make the digital learning experience smoother and better for the readers. Students, who are avid readers struggle to read sometimes due to the inaccessibility of libraries or the libraries falling short of resources. In addition to this, the changing times, the wrath of the pandemic and readers living in remote areas are the contributing factors making the readers turn to digital learning. There has been a shift of readers from conventional libraries to digital libraries.   

This shift is not only giving the power of learning to the readers but enabling the accessibility and availability of reading materials along with its preservation. We have already covered in our previous article; how digital libraries protect and preserve knowledge in digital format which is almost impossible to be lost over time. But it is also important to be updated with the latest trends and technologies in Digital Learning.   

Why Is Choosing How to Learn Online Important?  

The internet is crawling with resources. As a reader when you are looking for answers, or reading materials online, it is easy to fall victim to irrelevant, harmful or misleading content. Internet crawlers pull the closest data possible in answer to your query, however, it is not totally to the point. Most genuine information or content online also is protected by copyrights. Under such circumstances, you as a reader, learner or teacher should know the relevant sources of information online. Thus, knowing about the digital library companies in India is the answer to effective digital learning.   

Many institutions and companies in India are attempting to create a robust learning platform for the students. Here’s our curated list of Digital Library Companies in India to help students and learners find the right reading materials without struggling to filter the right content on their own.   

List of Digital Library Companies in India  


Mintbook has a robust online digital library platform with many benefits and features in one. Users of the platform can access more than 1 million eBooks and content in a multitude of formats. There are eBooks, eJournals, explanatory videos, audios, images, infographics and the content is mapped as per the syllabus prescribed by the Universities and Boards for courses offered by Indian institutions. The content is curated by expert panelists and comes from renowned publishers who are popular among teachers as well as students. Another benefit of accessing and reading with the Mintbook cloud-based digital library is that it has content available in close to 10 different Indian languages. So, anyone from any ethnicity in India can read and learn with Mintbook digital library.  


KNimbus is a cloud-based mobile library company and it enables the complete digital transformation of public, corporate or government libraries. The platform is built with easy and modern interphase to let the users enjoy all the benefits of learning online with a single sign-up. It also houses library tools like Search, off-campus access, and Analytics. Thus, it is a cloud integration platform for a unified experience.   


Refread is a digital library platform made for B-schools in India. The platforms allow users to access over a million reading resources online. It has a powerful discovery engine and gives seamless remote access. So, no matter where the readers are, they can access the platform and read over a smart device with a working internet connection.  

Digital Library of India  

Digital Library of India is a government initiative to offer online study materials and resources to students from primary to post-graduate levels. These resources are available in several Indian languages and users can choose from over a million eBooks to read and learn online. The website also has a built-in search tool to look up books based on type, subject, source and so on. The National Digital Library of India also collaborates with numerous eLibraries around the world to enable the student’s study from high-quality resources.  

Universal Digital Library  

The Universal Digital library is a million eBook Collection library that offers course content online for the learners to study and learn on the internet. The eBooks in this huge repository are course relevant and sorted as per literary and scientific works. The library aims to make the resources available for the readers as well as preserve them in digital formats. The UDL team is constantly curating and cataloguing the content for the readers and user feasibility, there is a search box on the homepage for easily finding the content. Users can search by books by keying in the book title, author, publishers, subject or language or they can browse from the collections for light reading.  

Librarians’ Digital Library  

LDL is an online repository of articles, research papers, presentations, related to the field of information science and library. Librarians’ Digital Library has an elaborate database of digital content or e-resources that the users can easily access and read. The resources in LDL are available in a multitude of formats ranging from texts, videos, to audio in a digital form. It is a carefully curated repository of digital learning resources which is benefiting several students across India.    


Although the internet is flooding with information and content, it is important to protect data privacy as well as the students access to rightful content. When young students browse for learning resources online, there are chances of falling prey to irrelevant or harmful content. To avoid such scenarios and offer a seamless online learning experience to the students, digital libraries in India are developing at light speed. Many libraries are already making the learning path easier for the students. In this regard, Mintbook’s subscription-based learning has many benefits. The platform has a huge repository of resources mapped to the course or curriculum prescribed by the universities and boards. Also, students can access these resources as many times as they want without worrying about buying costly individual course books. This is books, one subscription price of the Mintbook digital library gives unlimited access to all course books and other interactive resources in the subscription period. So, choose wisely and read wisely with Mintbook.