In the last decade, eLearning has not only made its presence more known and felt, but it has also taken a center stage. The destructive COVID19 Pandemic has changed our lives and eLearning has been at the epicenter of making things work. Corporates, as well as the education sector both, have outlived the pandemic with the power of online learning. As the pandemic held its clutches tight around the world, eLearning ensured continuity of learning and upskilling. For the learners as well as teachers, the times have been tough, but because of online education, the boon of technology, there was no obstruction in the learning path of the students and their precious learning years were not entirely wasted. Considering the circumstances that we have all battled and still fighting, the number of organizations and educational institutions turning to online learning is going up. This has paved a path for higher growth in the eLearning industry.   

The Current Situation

The booming online education sector will have a deep lasting effect on our education system and we are expected to be more inclined to it in the coming years. Talking of 2022, the corporates and schools have already begun operations in a hybrid model from the year 2021. This is a combination of classroom training and online training. Likewise, the enterprises will follow the eLearning Trends and Predictions and will be inclined to online learning more in the year 2022 for training and upskilling the workforce with the easy accessibility of materials and cost-effective learning.   

As per Finance Online  

“Today, there has been a 16% increase in virtual learning and a 16% decrease in instructor-led training. Sixty-two per cent of businesses affected by the pandemic are also spending more on training (eLearning Industry, 2020).”  

This growth of eLearning is transforming the learning experience for educators as well as learners. Naturally, both are becoming smarter, learning effectively and saving a lot of money that goes with the added costs of classroom training.  

Countries With the Highest Rate of eLearning Adoption  

India- 53%  

China- 52%  

Malaysia- 41%  

Romania- 38%  

Poland- 28%  

So, it is clear from the above data that India has made huge progress in the eLearning sector and has adopted it for its several benefits. Now, lets understand the eLearning Trends and Predictions which should be of importance in 2022. 

eLearning Trends and Predictions: What Could be Trending in 2022!  

The changes in eLearning habits are helping the education sector grow and pick up a greater pace. Moreover, the users at the other end of learning are benefitting at large from the changing learning habits and showing more inclination to virtual learning. So, the following trend listed below is expected to disrupt the traditional method of teaching and the way learners approach learning in the year 2022.  

Adaptive and Social Learning  

Mobility and adaptive learning are the first most evident and trending aspects of eLearning. As have talked about hybrid learning culture gaining momentum in India, institutions, as well as corporates, will continue to use eLearning to support learning and upskilling remotely even in 2022. For this, a Learning Management System for corporates and an online learning platform for the schools is essential. Moreover, the LMS should also be supportive of instructor-led learning so that the learners can access content in multiple formats. This owes to the further development of LMS enables with interactive features like video classrooms and so on. With the development of these systems, comes a rather progressive approach in social learning, which is, co-workers, interacting and actively participating in the online learning spaces. This development also paves way for an open, effective and relevant online learning environment.  


Micro-learning platforms make the eLearning stick as its development leads to effectively reduced down-learning of the students. This is another trending aspect of eLearning that will continue to fascinate and engage learners and tutors in 2022. Micro-learning platforms are student-focused and help them learn courses faster and effectively. The platforms that are focused on micro-learning also make use of gamification and stimulations and an interactive approach to learning. The prime aim of these platforms is to ensure the user’s rich benefits of eLearning.  

AI in the space of Online Learning  

AI is a recent and hot topic even in the eLearning space. Thus, it is and will continue to be a significant trend in 2022 in the eLearning sector. AI has the power to automate and speed things up. So, it is expected to do the same in 2022 and empower the platforms to offer customized learning experiences.   

Content Curation  

The Internet has a humongous archive of data and content on every aspect and it is no secret across the associations. Therefore, the inclinations of the learning mediums are always towards the most pertinent content related to the subject the users are learning. For this, content curation is a crucial aspect of the organization function. The aim is to do it rather successfully and efficiently. Importantly, effective content curation helps reach the right and relevant content for the students.  

Data Security  

When institutions and organizations switch to eLearning, data security becomes a bigger and more important part. Thus, preventing and maintaining data security and data breaches becomes essential for all involved in the cycle. Thus, another trending aspect of eLearning in 2022 will be data security, owing to the importance of having relevant data and protecting it from breaches.   

Gamification and Simulations  

Gamification and simulations will continue to have a steep growth in the space of eLearning as these are and will be the hottest trends of 2022. Gamification takes learning to the next level making it more interesting, understandable and interactive for the learners. It is also an effective way of boosting knowledge retention and transfer. Even in 2022, the eLearning platforms will race to enhance the gamification features and implement interactive gamification and simulation ideas.   

Learner Engagement  

Learner engagements hold prime value in eLearning. It is because eLearning cannot be successful without active learner engagement. Thus, those solutions will continue to flourish who will have successful learner engagement outcomes in 2022. It is because learner engagement will act as a key deciding factor for comparing and choosing cloud-based LMS in 2022.   

Flexible Learning Programs  

eLearning is not easy as learning and upskilling takes a lot of effort and dedication. Even students or professionals these days, who are living in the competitive age have to learn and upskill at an unbelievable speed to keep up with their peers. This directly puts focus on the need for flexible learning programs. Thus, in 2022, the platforms that are more equipped to offer more flexible and easily grasping learning programs will have better chances of catering to the eLearning audience.   


As it has become clearer, the platforms will have more elaborate strategies to boost eLearning. Both educational institutions and organizations will follow these eLearning Trends and Predictions and embrace eLearning and the providers will have more areas to cover in terms of uniqueness and innovation. Keeping the eLearning trends in mind, the decision-makers will move forward and race to choose relevant and useful eLearning platforms in 2022.   

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