How do you feel when you are studying an important lesson online and the internet goes off. The sudden interruption of study feels like a handicap for learning. The digital boom has given the greatest gifts of technology to the students in the form of eLearning. However, like everything else, it also has its own set of challenges and experiences. Online education is made to make learning easier, smoother, and faster. However, for the students to access online education they must have strong internet connectivity. eBooks or the digital library can reach them only when they have a working internet connection. But many students from remote areas across India barely find full network coverage. So how should online learning practically reach them and benefit them? The gap in internet access for the students is the biggest roadblock of online learning. It is a challenge that comes as a part of online learning.  

mBox Is Different and Innovative  

mBox is an offline digital library that gives the power of learning to the students despite the challenges of internet connectivity. It is an educational device enriched with a vast repository of educational content that could be not only smart but an innovative way of online learning. In simple words, mBox is an offline digital library device that has a huge reservoir of curriculum-based study materials and that can be accessed anytime irrespective of the internet connectivity.   

Mintbook has worked in the eLearning space for close to a decade and has been continuously thriving to enable schools, colleges, institutions in every part of India to have a robust online learning platform for its students, where no matter the budget or location, students should be able to learn and grow. So, the device mBox is a way to overcome the challenges of online education with an offline digital library. With mBox, students can not only access learning content but learn whenever and from wherever they want. It is loaded with eBooks, interactive educational videos, quizzes mapped to board curriculums, and updated at regular intervals.  

mBox for Affordable Online Learning Without the Internet  

Students or institutions might think at this point, that if mBox means offline learning, then why not buy books? The reason is affordability. Physical books for students come at a higher price than the eBooks in mBox. Rather, for studying from physical resources, it would become necessary to buy all books at their price, without any access to educational and explanatory videos or other study tools. So, rather than buying individual resources, isn’t it better to get one cost-effective mBox pre-loaded with learning content and features? In turn, learning becomes, easily accessible and more cost-saving. The device is not pricy, a rather very pocket- friendly and is believed to have the potential to pace-up learning like never before for young students. So, choose mBox rather than buying books and taking the hustle of understanding complex concepts by yourself.   

You Study What You Prefer to Study  

You would think that an offline digital library would get limited in terms of subjects and study materials. But, mBox delves deeper and offers you to choose from an abundance of subjects. Be it mathematics or history, even if you are preparing for boards or university, with mBox you can learn anything offline with aggregated study materials.   

In simple terms, it is an IoT based device that creates a Wi-Fi hotspot and enables its users to learn online without the use of the internet. So, connect this box of amazingness to your laptop or computer and start learning. One need not worry about the Wi-Fi, internet coverage. Thus, the learners have an uninterrupted and smooth learning journey. Moreover, the study resources are dispersed in a plethora of formats for easy understanding of the learners. So, one gets to learn from videos and simulations, understand concepts or take up assessments, all without the need of the internet. It auto-updates when connected to the internet, so the fear of outdated content is also eliminated.  

Is mBox Reliable? 

mBox is not only course-complaint but highly reliable as the content in the device is all curated by a panel of experts and strictly adhering to the curriculum or syllabus prescribed by the universities or boards. There is more because, the device is further enriched with additional study materials and free textbooks, to take learning to next level for its users. Students who are preparing for competitive exams can also take great help from this device as it even in-houses a range of competitive exam study materials. So, NEET, IIT-JEE, or Olympiad preparing students can heave a huge sigh of relief as far as study is concerned. The rest is of course, taking care of yourself and staying healthy, which also improves indirectly as you need not travel longer, stay away from home or need to attend regular classes with this edge of technology in the field of learning.   

Other Benefits of the Offline Digital Library 

As an portable offline digital library device, mBox provides you multiple benefits

Anytime Anywhere Access  

eLearning is meant to offer anytime and anywhere access to learning. There is no strenuous hustling and looking for the right book in the library aisle or waiting to find a solution to understand tough topics. Moreover, you need not even wait for a strong internet connection to start learning. With the offline digital library, you can have it all without the internet. So, if you are accessing learning from a low connectivity area or if your router is not getting a signal, you do not have to worry. You can just start reading and learning with mBox. As the content comes pre-loaded in the Mintbook mBox, you just have to attach the device to your laptop or computer and start learning.   

Protection of Resources  

Hard copy books bear the brunt of time and deteriorate over time. It is almost impossible to have a book for a longer time without any physical harm. Given the natural factors, books cannot be protected for eternity. Ultimately, one book lost means a lot of information and knowledge lost in oblivion. But the digital library makes impossible possible by turning books into digital resources that last for eternity. Thus, knowledge is well protected and safe in the mBox or offline and online digital library. As no natural factors can work upon the resources in the offline or online digital library, information and knowledge are safely housed in it. So, on the Mintbook offline digital library or mBox, the rich repository waits for you when you want to learn anything from any place that’s comfortable for you.   

mBox is Safe to Use  

With the advent of online learning, kids of tender age are beginning to learn over the screen. Many times, we see parents concerned about the children spending time on the screen. However, in this digital age, even if it is not possible to keep the kids completely away from the screen, but it can sure be limited. More importantly, how kids spend their time on the screen is a key to limiting their screen time and making it more constructive for them. Another threat to the safety of children browsing online content is the accessibility of harmful content. Everything available on the internet comes without any filter. So, the safety of kids to access reliable, relevant and proper content is compromised. While with mBox all these threats to the security of children can be overcome. Being an offline digital library, the content in the mBox is regulated and the children have no access to the internet, barring the threat of unsafe browsing. So, the device ensures child safety at its best and let them enjoy a safe, interesting and healthy learning environment.  

Overall, mBox is the affordable, safe, and effective way to continue learning online without having to wait for internet connectivity. It is a powerful tool to enable every learner, no matter the geography or the internet connectivity keep a continuous pace at learning whatever, they want to learn.