Until your high school, you might have practiced several ways of learning or might even have winged it at times. But, when it comes to higher education, the scenario gets entirely different. A graduate course is not something you can just wing. You only win it by enhancing your skills, imbibing better learning methodologies, and mastering the fundamentals with thorough reading and practice. Right after your graduate degree you take on the fierce ride of facing the competitive world. In this phase, you will be bound to take challenges, strategize methodologies, learn and upskill and win over these challenges. So, it’s not just about getting your degree but preparing yourself to get the hang of this competition and life later. The degree course is just another milestone at the beginning of your career.   

Because of all these aspects, Mintbook aims to foster the idea of self-regulated learning right from the beginning of your degree course. Thus, when you are getting ready as an individual who will face new challenges day in and out in your professional career, you should be ready for it. First, you get on the ride of self-regulated learning, then you optimize self-learning with the app features and tools. How? Let’s get into the details of it here.  

Self-Regulated Learning- A Better Way to Learn  

You are in control of your learning environment as far as self-regulated learning is concerned. The biggest benefit of this is that the authority rests with you from the beginning to make decisions for yourself and your study plan. You remain at complete liberty to design your learning path, choosing your alternatives, and even learn from mistakes. Exactly what you shall be doing after your degree course, in your professional life. So why not start doing it early on and perfect the skill for your later career?   

Mintbook is the Flag-Bearer of Self-Regulated Learning  

The basic elements of self-learning include-  

  • Analyzing the requirements  
  • Setting the goals  
  • Selecting, adapting, or inventing strategies  
  • Measuring Progress  

As you can see, strategizing and merely reaching your milestones is not enough while self-learning. You must be in the habit of measuring your progress along the path and identify the dips to work on them more effectively.   

Ultimately, Self-learners develop the skills and habits to be efficient learners, exhibiting effective learning strategies, and persistence. So, self-learners are at the benefit of adapting to life-long learning.   

What Is Special with Mintbook Learning App?  

The Mintbook Team is motivated to give you the best learning experience while keeping you ahead with the resources and tools. Years of research thought trials and errors and enhancements have gone into bringing one platform that brings self-learning to a 360-degree circle for the learners. When you sign up with Mintbook, you are not told to keep your heads down and follow. Instead, you are asked to look in the right corners, even nudged in the right direction from time to time, while keeping a track of your progress and side by side helping you design your personalized learning path.   

When you subscribe to Mintbook Learning App, there are not just eBooks that you find or study materials. A subscriber gets a fully functional learning suite loaded with inexhaustive study materials and many interactive features. So, whether you have landed here by mistake or on purpose, you should not waste a second. Because while you will be wasting more of your crucial time and money on individually looking for eBooks, you get all the eBooks with videos, infographics, and much more in one subscription that comes at a fraction of a price at Mintbook.   

Amazing Features and Tools to Facilitate Learning  

The first feature you will be treated to after subscribing to is the study planner. What is the study planner and is it the same for every subscriber? A study planner as simple as it sounds is a tool to plan your study schedule during your subscription period. However, it is your personalized study planner. So, it is not the same for every learner on the platform. Your friends who are on the platform may share insights from their planner and then you can prepare yours. But you will get to prepare the planner that suits your study needs irrespective of everything else.   

Moreover, some learn by reading books, and some by watching the concepts come to life in the instructional videos. Whatever methods fit you, choose either to understand every important concept from the Mintbook Digital Library. Record the videos and even rewatch them until the topics are by heart. So, you are not at the risk of lagging.   

If you are in the habit of taking notes while studying, you can do that too with the ‘Take Notes’ tools while studying. Thus, take notes, and study them thoroughly while attending an online class or reading an eBook.   

Gamification and Quizzes for the Tenacity of Learning  

Catching up on and practicing important topics is even easier and more fun when you do your revisions with the gamification features. The gamification features transform learning into a gaming experience, making it the hot spot for learning, practicing, and self-assessing.   

Let’s not miss out on the second important function of gamification which is to help you understand how much learning you are yet to do in a specific subject. So, with the motto to help you identify your weak areas and allow you to improve, Gamification is the most sought feature on the Mintbook learning platform.   

Mintbook My Club  

My club is more of Mintbook social features so that you don’t feel left out at any point of self-study. Because, although self-study is independent and self-paced, human connections are not to be forgotten in it. Therefore, my club enables the subscribers to connect amongst one another online, share their study progress and even valuable insights, sought help in terms of study, and take continuous steps to academic success.   

There is a lot more when you come and learn on the Mintbook learning app. But one thing that you can be assured of is finding success in your academic career and later.