India is rapidly moving towards the revolution in the educational sector fueled by the pandemic era. So, what waits for those associated with education? Surely, it is the widespread acceptance of digital education among students, academicians, and parents. Digital Transformation of education in India is the new normal and a phenomenal breakthrough. The steps that education facilitators take in the digital space will change the face of learning for decades to come. Moreover, we have a larger rural population who have the urge to access higher education. They hustle invariably to do so and yet many miss out on higher education with the traditional system. Naturally, the pressure is more on the digital infrastructure to ensure quality higher education to all.   

According to India Education Diary  

It is believed that the digital transformation of the education ecosystem is much needed for the learners to solve their problems and further increase the accessibility, which will not only improve the skills of the young children but will also help the economy of the country.”  

Why the Digital Transformation of Education in India is Necessary?  

Earlier institutions were restricted to offer only 20% of online classes. However, the changing times is giving the leverage to the institutions to shift to a larger share of online classes than before. The good part about this transformation is that it is making education accessible to all at all times, from anywhere.   

As per McKinsey & Company reports, India globally ranks second after China in adopting digital transformation. So, India is the second-largest in the world to have the highest number of internet users. This stands out as a great opportunity for us. Because digitized sectors create and add more value to the various facets of education, healthcare, technology, and so on. How? It is simple, digitization enables widespread accessibility and life-long preservation of resources. Books, to be precise can stay as it is in the cloud forever, unlike the physical books. And with so many people having access to the internet education comes to the seekers unlike the other way round.   

Bringing Change That’s Measurable and Laudable  

Digital Transformation of Education in India is enabling students from all parts of the nation to pursue higher education at a bare minimum cost with easy access. It is the change that we can see as more and more young students graduate and make it big in their careers. Thus, the digital transformation is bringing a significant change in the education sector.   

It’s a Two-Way Road  

The education sector can immensely benefit from the efficient and progressive digital education system. But only its widespread adoption and implementation can help unlock its value. So, the education facilitators, as well as the students, must embrace it to churn out its complete benefits. Mintbook’s vision in this regard gives a fresh perspective on transforming the Indian education system. When the overall digitization of education takes place, as with the Mintbook platform, better learning opportunities take shape. These platforms offer study materials, a systematic study plan, and a roadmap to educational success. Thus, it is to the students to appreciate and adopt it.   

Why the Mintbook Platform?   

Mintbook is made to bring revolution in the higher education domain. So, the futuristic tools and features of the platform ensures accessibility and feasibility of learning to all students from all demographics. Thus, a student from any remote place can pursue an engineering course of their choice, systematically prepare their study plan and even get access to all the study resources with Mintbook learning app. They can get guidance from expert panelists and complete their course like breeze.   

Students Are at a Greater Benefit   

The prime aim of the education system is to prepare the students for their career path. They are focused on making them industry-ready. However, traditional classroom teaching is bound by several limitations. In contrary to that digital transformation of education brings innovation to its core. So, digital learning can go in the verticals where the traditional education system can’t reach. Therefore, the digital transformation of education in India is a must.   

Digital Transformation of Education in India Will Help Education Sector Automate, Connect and Improve  

At the higher education level, it becomes necessary to make the study materials available for all. In this respect, the resources must be available and at affordable prices. However, with classroom teaching, it does not always become possible. Many students can’t find the relevant books for study or it goes above their budget, leaving them with no option but to drop it as it is. Digital Transformation means revolutionizing this area of educational dependencies. So, with this transformation, everyone gets access to learning that too, without falling heavy on the student’s budget.   

The Role of Learning Platforms in Digital Transformation of Education   

Cumulatively, the learning platforms for higher education improve the overall quality of education by-  

  • Serving as an integrated platform to distribute learning resources.  
  • Delivering teaching and learning tools, features, and materials for students and teachers.  
  • Self-assessments at an individual, group, regional, or even national level of the students, enable them to make informed decisions about their career goals.  
  • Ensuring security and uplifting confidence of the students with the systematic and personalized study system.  
  • Providing tools and features for the assessment of student and teacher performances thus giving the necessary data for interventions and improvement.  


Digital transformation of education in India will help develop new pedagogies and even enhance those in existence. The institutions and the government are gearing up to enhance the learning experience for all with the technological advancements in the digital space. Currently, India is in a good place to offer technical support to the education sector. On top of it, with the pandemic in effect, it is only for the betterment of all those associated with the education system to embrace the transformation rather than losing years or years from the educational career by waiting for the return of normalcy.   

The transformation is leading several students and institutions to educational success and thus, it should be widespread among the people and everyone should be able to reap the complete benefits of it.