Engineering students often stumble upon gathering the relevant course materials for study. Inaccessibility, unavailability, and higher costs of engineering books make many students hit the ceiling. So, an engineering study is like sailing under a storm. What if this major problem of the students has a one-stop solution? Well, there is and many students are already in the league of working their way into engineering study the smarter way.  

eBooks or online books are gaining momentum these days for many reasons. These books enable engineering students to learn or read books at their convenience. No matter what hurdles come in the way of learning, eBooks keep up the pace of learning and ensure continuity of engineering study. Over the last few years, students have moved on from traditional textbook learning. They have realized the benefits of studying online and accessing books whenever and from wherever they can. So, online books for engineering are proving to be a boon for all. Now, the question is how to buy Engineering Books online in India.

Buy Engineering Books Online in India: Why eBooks Over Hard Copies?  

eBooks are timeless, unlike hardcover books. Because eBooks are indestructible. On one hand, hardcover books are fragile and need to be taken care of. However, eBooks are smart and convenient. Students these days don’t make time for reading but read whenever they find the feasible time. This is because the competitive world is always pushing them to do more. Naturally, the technology has to match with the fast pace. In this scenario, eBooks play a crucial role, by letting students from all geographies read books and study without taking the hustles of traveling to the library or tuitions daily.   

eBooks enable the readers irrespective of their demographics to read and keep learning. Even with bare minimum internet access these books can be downloaded and read whenever needed. Be it exam preparation or understanding a subject in detail, eBooks help students save a lot of time and money and even the struggles of traveling to tuitions or institutions.   

Are Online Books for Engineering Available in India?  

The eLearning sector in India is developing rather rapidly from the last few years. Many tech startups have come into play to facilitate online higher education. Among them are several online digital libraries that are quite a game-changer in online learning. But the essence of learning rests with learning platforms. Although Digital Libraries offer access to online engineering books, why pay extra when you can save a lot and learn better with online learning platforms?  

Cutting Higher Costs with Subscription Based Learning  

Online books are sure flexible and accessible, easy to find, and are also indestructible. But many libraries to this day, are limited in terms of the availability of the course books. On contrary, the eBooks offered by the learning platforms are organized and made available as per the course. While you might have to pay for individual books when you access them online but you get it all at one price when you subscribe for it.  

Subscription Versus Purchasing eBooks  

Web-enabled technologies are emerging and so is expanding their expanse in the digital learning zone. However, good things take time and higher studies through the online medium are still very much under construction in India. But certain platforms have been working in this direction for a long time, ever since conceiving the idea of self-paced online learning. So, these platforms are emerging at lightning-fast speed making online learning a game-changer in higher education. The biggest benefit of self-paced online learning suites over digital libraries is the availability of resources coupled with affordability.  

Subscription-based learning is when you sign up with learning platforms, you get the complete learning suite with all the course books and study tools in it. So, instead of paying book by book in digital libraries, subscription-based learning helps you find self-paced higher education at a fraction of a price. This is a dream for several higher-education feels difficult for many with a burden of fees, books, tuitions, but a subscription is a solution to all problems at a much lesser price. Thus, the better way to learn online is to subscribe than to go looking for eBooks and paying for them individually.  

Mintbook Learning App Subscription Benefit  

Self-paced online learning is at the core of Mintbook and hence it is made to make higher education easier, cost-effective, and accessible for all. The self-learning suite offers all the course books along with study tools for one price that is much lesser than what you would expect to pay for individual eBooks. Mintbook is endeavoring to ensure higher education for all. So, even those from remote areas have uninterrupted access to eBooks and study tools on the Mintbook learning platform.   

The Mintbook Subscription is Much Affordable Than You Think!  

The Mintbook self-learning suite can solve all your learning challenges without burning a hole in your pocket. Built with time-tested learning features, one subscription is a gateway to 360-degree online higher education. Mintbook truly defines your learning journey from start to end. With integrated e-learning tools, you name it and the platform has it. So, be it study planning or reading the books, understanding the concepts through visuals, or seeking help in the discussion forums, the platform ensures that you never jump a complex topic and your chance at scoring higher marks in the exams.   

Many Features in One Subscription 

There are endless benefits of Learning with Mintbook as the platform is not just focused on making eBooks accessible but helping you have your learning path. For example, you can plan your study schedule topic by topic for every subject you chose to study. On this, you are not alone because you can also take inputs from your friends and take a sneak peek at their planner to prepare your own. Integrated with other study tools like discussion forums, gamification, virtual classrooms, and digital library, Mintbook means flawless online learning. So, the vast expanse of digital libraries has eBooks and more interactive resources to enable you to learn more comprehensively as opposed to classroom learning.  

While just learning is not enough, it is equally important to self-assess from time to time. Self-assessments with Mintbook are even more fun. You will not even realize when you have mastered a subject while you practice them in the form of games. Gamification is the unique feature offered by the platform, that needs no special introduction. As the name suggests, gamification is a feature to help you learn while having fun. So, all the tests associated with your study are presented in the form of interactive games for you to compete and win.  

Therefore, when you stand at making a choice to buy Engineering Books online in India, it is a no brainer that Mintbook not only is affordable for you but a chance at learning online in the most efficient manner. So rather than buying individual online books, it is way easier and cheaper to subscribe.