Digital libraries are fast becoming the norm when it comes to learning. It simplifies the educational process and works as an add-on learning support tool.

With digital libraries, children can now learn easily through remote access. A digital library is a repository of educational content. It features ebooks, informative articles, educational videos, audios, learning tools, simulation labs, competitive exam study material, dictionaries, etc. A confluence of technology and information, it’s a smart way to learn, and schools and universities across the globe are incorporating it into their learning systems. There’s a new informed demand when it comes to the importance of e-library in education.

MBOX is an offline digital library device for students with a rich repository of educational content. With more than 5000 eBooks, videos, articles, journals, and quizzes, it’s a smart learning solution for kids. There are several benefits to using a digital library to enhance your learning.

Benefits of Using The Offline Digital Library mBox

Many subject choices

From geography to history, from mathematics to astronomy, there’s no dearth of subject materials when it comes to a digital library. Digital libraries give you access to a wide variety of subject materials. Whether it’s your board exams, a class test, or a university entrance exam, you can prep for everything using a digital library. On mBox, you’ll get aggregated knowledge in one device.

Remote access

The biggest advantage of eLearning is that you can access it from anywhere. You don’t have to browse through thousands of catalogs of books in library aisles. With an mBox, you don’t even need internet connectivity. Also, the information comes pre-loaded, so all you have to do is attach it to a laptop or desktop and start learning. It’s easily accessible by several users.

Protects knowledge

Books are prone to deterioration due to natural factors. Knowledge can be lost forever if books and manuscripts are not well-tended and preserved well. A digital library captures all the data from books and manuscripts and houses it in it. Knowledge is now well-protected from external influences. On mBox, you’ll discover a rich repository of information. Whether you’re learning about the Greco-Roman empires or planet formations, you’ll find it all on Mbox.

Safe for Children

Children spend a lot of time online browsing for information. This can leave them open to cyber threats and other forms of malicious threats online. They can even become victims of misinformation. A digital library will protect your kids from all these threats because they won’t have to access the internet. mBox too is a safe way for children to learn. It gives parents the assurance that their child is learning in a safe environment.


Rather than buying tons of books and articles to study, wouldn’t it be better to have everything on one device? mBox is loaded with the Mintbook digital library which has more than enough information pre-loaded into it. This makes it a much more convenient and affordable learning device than buying books because books can be pretty expensive these days.

At a pocket-friendly price with a wide coverage of the subject matter, the mBox device is the best learning equipment for the next generation of Einsteins. Get one for your child today, if you want them to blossom into the genius you know that they are. With mBox, your child will be able to expand their learning capabilities and excel at their studies.