Getting knowledge through audio is not a new concept for India. Long ago, the students used to undergo Gurukulam training, where knowledge from the Gurus was transferred orally and students used to listen and grasp the lessons. Later books came in and audio took a back seat. However, the trends are now slowly changing wherein the popularity of audiobooks is slowly booming and these audio books are being considered as a boon.

Though many people feel lazy to read big books, when it is in audio form, it becomes easier for them. Audio books act as can be used, or rather listened to when driving, cooking, or walking long distances. It is well known that we grasp the knowledge better when it is heard rather than from the written text.

People can imagine or visualize when they listen to audiobooks which may not happen when they read physical books. Listening also helps build vocabulary because you hear the word being pronounced. Children enjoy listening to their parents or loved ones read to them at night before they sleep and audiobooks can help when parents are busy some nights.

Another attraction is that different artists give voice to different characters in the audiobook and sound effects and music add to the narrative. Voices help in portraying emotions better. Another advantage is that audiobooks do not cause eye strains. People who are blind and who have other disorders related to eyes benefit from audiobooks.

Now book retailers display audio books on bookshelves rather than on separate displays. A survey reveals that during the late twenties till the mid-thirties people were great fans of audiobooks. Novels, thrillers and other popular fiction fall under the top categories of most wanted audiobooks followed by other short stories and biographies.

Few of the audiobook service providers are Scribd, Audible, etc. in the foreign market and Reado dominating the Indian markets. The current format which is being popularized by Indian audiobook publishers is the new podcast format. In all, audio books are a great welcome change. Try one out for yourself!.