Private tuition has become the current trend and considered to be one of the quickest rising industries in India. A recent statistic shows that more than 90% of students, at all levels, take private tuition. One out of every four students in India takes private tuition and in a couple of states more than three out of every four students, or over 75%, opt for it, according to a report by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO).

Competition among students is at an all-time high, with students wanting to score full marks in every subject. Gone are the days, when children of the middle and upper class were the only privileged ones to attend private tuition. There was also a period when those children who were weak in studies were the only ones who attended tuition so that they could compete with their more bright classmates. However, private tuition now comes in all ranges and sizes, making it affordable for all students. Parents go out of their way to ensure their child has all the educational support and materials he/she needs. Many poor families forgo their basic needs to send their children to private tuition.

Though teachers at schools try to do their best, the vast portions are a matter of concern. This has to be addressed through private tuition many times. There are also other commercial factors as school teachers themselves promote private tuition. Private tuition has almost become an inseparable part of the school educational system and we see this trend in other countries as well, such as Japan, Malaysia, and South Korea.