Planning for your career is no cake-walk. It begins very early as soon as one steps into college. In thinking about the future, you must consider what’s important to you as an individual. Building professional relationships at this stage of our lives will prove to be of great help for your future.

Generally speaking, there are two categories of students

1) Those who have a clear mindset about their career path and

2) Those who are ready to take whatever comes their way

Commitment towards your career goals is a criterion in reaching your desired destination. Opportunities are available in plenty and you should explore different ventures during college. Your inexperience may be a concern, but with good guidance, you will do fine. The subject that you major in plays a big role in your career decisions. Other aspects such as skills, interests, and personality, also play a vital part.

A few pointers:

1. A SWOT analysis will help you, as a student, analyze your strength areas as well as your interest areas too.

2. It is advisable to visit various career fairs as recruiters can give you valuable inputs.

3. Visits to career consultants can also help you get a better idea of your career options.

4. Personal contacts go a long way especially if the relationships are built in your field of interest. Keep in mind that getting placed through known sources is usually easier.

5. Most importantly, do what you love. With passion. Everyday.