Technology is changing the way we learn things. Today, educators prefer to use e-learning tools for education to supplement traditional teaching methods. E-learning, as we know, is learning conducted via digital media. E-learning tools are, thus, digital devices like desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and any special device designed for that purpose.

Research shows that the benefits of digital learning for students are manifold. E-learning involves the use of multimedia tools like videos, audio, simulations, games, and quizzes which help students to learn more effectively and efficiently. Also, students can rewind digital lessons until they understand the topic completely, take quizzes and tests to assess their progress, and get access to additional study materials through digital libraries.

Given the multiple benefits these devices offer, it’s hardly surprising that e-learning tools are being increasingly used not just in educational institutions, but at homes too. Here are five reasons why investing in e-learning tools for your kids education is a good decision.

The Advantages of using E-Learning Tools for Kids

1. Anytime, anywhere learning

When you get an e-learning device, your children’s education is not dependent solely on classroom teaching. They can learn wherever and whenever they want.

2. Learner-centric education

E-learning tools focus on learners making personalized education possible. Your children can learn at their own pace, concentrate on areas they want to focus on, take tests to evaluate their progress, and much more.

3. Makes quality education easily available

E-learning content is created by subject matter experts. Your children will also learn from the best which will augment their learning experience and translate into higher scores in exams.

4. Vast repository of resources

Remember the long hours you used to spend in the library looking for relevant materials for your assignments? E-learning tools for education make this process simpler. Also, they give access to digital libraries that are treasure troves of information and make available useful materials in no time.

5. Suits modern digital life

When everything has turned digital, why not education? Your children will learn to use different digital devices and absorb knowledge from multimedia tools that will boost their digital skills and improve their prospects for the future.

MBOX by Mintbook

Mbox by Mintbook is a smart learning device that could help you enrich your children’s learning experience. It is an IoT device with educational content. It covers the entire CBSE syllabus from class I to XII and uses animated videos, simulations, graphs, maps, and the like, to explain topics in a simple manner. Its content coverage also includes preparation materials for competitive examinations.

Does your child need additional study materials? No problem. Mbox has a digital library with a wide array of videos and reference books for school students on subjects ranging from business and commerce to arts and science. Its educational content also includes hacks and DIYs and tech camps for new-age technologies like Blockchain and Robotics.

Apart from that, Mbox has learning aids like geometry tools, periodic & log tables, calculators, and much more. The device also covers quizzes and assessments to evaluate your child’s progress. In short, it’s a one-stop digital solution for your child’s learning needs. What’s more, it can work without the Internet, and can be used by multiple users anywhere and at any time.