eBooks are gradually gaining acceptance among students, leisure readers, professors and even authors. The growth of ebook readers and their sales are growing in leaps and bounds. Apart from bibliophiles, authors are also readers. The beauty with ebooks is that anyone can buy them! All you need is your mobile phone or computer or tablet. Books in digital format are generally less expensive.

Many foreign authors have started to forgo their earnings from traditional publishing based on the forecasts of budding ebook sales. With ebooks, corrections can be easily carried out, with the corrected version reloaded and ready for the public immediately. It’s much easier to format and edit an ebook as the writer does not have to deal with page numbers, blind folios, a numerical table of contents, etc..

Once the authors settle on a unified ebook format, they can then easily relocate their ebooks from one reading platform to another. Writers and publishers flock to embrace this digital format, especially when self-publishing is made available.

For serious readers, the quality of work matters more than an author’s name. For this reason, independent and upcoming writers find a good audience for their eBooks. Getting more readers by engaging in social network sites becomes easy for the authors as free websites and blogs are quickly gaining popularity.