A book is a gift that can be opened again and again”, goes a popular saying.

Gifting an eBook or a membership to an eBook library today can be a truly worthwhile gift. Since time immemorial, man has turned towards reading in his quest for knowledge. By gifting your loved one’s memberships to eLibraries, you will help keep alive this old-age tradition of reading for knowledge as well as leisure.

Not only will such a gift be trendy, but it will also be a gift that the receiver will treasure for a lifetime. Read on to learn some of the most interesting features in ebooks library that are available today.

Interactive reading is now possible

eBooks have redefined interactive reading today and they offer a whole lot of features such as video, audio, and even links to other websites that can provide more information on the topic at hand.

Interesting features for academic learning

eBooks allow users to highlight text, make notes, and even set up reminder alerts for these notes to be received via SMS or email. This is extremely useful when it comes to academic learning as students can revise topics on the go with such features. Not only that, some apps, such as our very own MintHint app, provide hints to topics that can help students memorize keywords for the topic, instantly.

Networking features

Today, it is possible for students to find a study buddy, invite friends to view their bookshelf online, and share eBooks with their reader friends. One can even find out who is reading the same book and connect with them to discuss the eBook and other similar interests. eBook libraries have redefined the concept of traditional libraries and have made learning and studying fun for students today.

With such powerful and dynamic features, gifting an eBook or a membership to an eBook library is indeed one of the best gifts you can present to your loved one. If you wish to do your bit for charity, you can gift academic books such as engineering books or books on medicine or law to underprivileged students who may find it difficult to purchase them on their own. Knowledge shared is after all knowledge squared; what better way to do it than with eLibraries?