Learning has now evolved from classrooms and textbooks to computers and online tutorials. eLearning is slowly taking over the regular classroom education that everyone in the society has experienced so far. Today, a person can learn any skill at home through online courses. The process of education is gradually getting transformed as everyone has started realizing the benefits of eLearning for students. Students can now learn at their own pace and access the course material from their phones or computers. It is important to know all about eLearning today it is slowly transforming into the new norm. A maximum number of people are already reaping the benefits of eLearning to improve their knowledge and skills.  

What is eLearning? 

eLearning is a formal teaching system supported by electronic resources such as laptops, tablets, phones, etc. It is important to have an electronic device to experience eLearning. It is a collection of educational and informative data that includes eBooks, videos, audiobooks, etc. for the purpose of learning and improving skills. Students and teachers have easy access to the course material through the internet. This makes learning accessible to anyone regardless of their age, time, or location. Earlier eLearning was criticized for its lack of human constituent but it got better with the rapid growth of advanced technology. Today, a large population embraces this development in education. Ever since computers became important in classrooms, the benefits of eLearning for students have been utilized by various educational institutes.  

According to the Economic Times

The schools which use E-learning technologies are a step ahead of those which still have the traditional approach towards learning. 

Benefits of eLearning for Students

Here are some benefits of eLearning for students.

Unlimited Lectures and Classes 

Apart from the regular traditional learning, a student can take the same lecture multiple times without asking the lecturer to repeat it. There are numerous eLearning videos that the students can watch numerous times whenever required. Students can revise immediately before an exam and clear their doubts by re-watching the lectures. Apart from that they can watch the lectures and learn at their own pace. 

Can be Used by Everyone

Online learning can be accessed by anyone regardless of their age or scheduleWorking individuals, college and school students can use eLearning to boost their skills at their comfortable time. eLearning breaks the barrier of time in education and learning. It is open to anyone and everyone who has access to the internet.  

Latest and Updated Knowledge

As the world takes a step forward with new scientific discoveries, eLearning provides the latest and updated content about any subject. All the information is provided with multiple sources so that the students can do in-depth research on their subjects. It provides all detailed and accurate information along with its source for research and learning purposes.  

Quick and Effective Learning  

eLearning is faster in the process of learning as compared to the traditional classroom method of teaching. Students can learn at their own pace and can choose to finish a course early or take as many intervals as they need. Students also save the time that they spend on traveling to classrooms to attend the lectures. According to Knowledge WaveSome of the advantages of self-paced learning include efficiency, effectiveness, convenience, scalability, and reusability.” 


eLearning focuses on the student to have the most effective learning experience. This is different from the traditional classroom method as it encourages discussions amongst the students and peers grading system. This particular feature of student-centeredness is one of the most unique in the benefits of eLearning for students 

Personalized Learning Environment 

eLearning lets you choose your learning environment. Students can choose to learn at home or at any other comfortable place of their choice. This has a greater advantage than classroom learning because schools set up a fixed learning environment as per the guidelines of the school. A comfortable environment makes learning more effective and easily understandable for any student.  


A lot of money can be saved through eLearning as there is no cost for travel, accommodation, or course materials. Apart from saving money, eLearning also saves time. 

According to Gyrus,

“It is estimated that organizations save about 50% to 70% on training when they introduce eLearning over instructor-led training due to reduced travel costs and non-requirement of logistics.”

Institutions can save the cost of hiring faculty and maintenance costs to conduct lectures in classrooms.  

Performance Tracking

Students and teachers can track performances through analytics-based out of the learning management systems online. This helps in tracking progress and also pinpoint areas that need improvement. This feature can also be used by educational institutes to improvise on their course material. This system can help in managing an effective online training course.  


eLearning promotes an ecofriendly system as compared to classroom learning. The online learning system does not need any notebooks or papers which ultimately is not associated with any business that threatens the ecosystem. eLearning also requires very little consumption of energy as compared to universities and schools.  

No Unwanted Subject and Curriculums 

Another beneficial feature of eLearning is that students can choose exactly what they want to learn. Most of the universities and schools and fixed subjects based on the course which is compulsion for all students to learn. eLearning also allows students to only choose the subject that they are interested in learning without putting up with the extra compulsory subjects.  


eLearning has already taken over the education system. Students are able to learn much more than what they are taught in their classrooms just by online classes. It also gives freedom to individuals to take up whatever subject they want regardless of their past qualificationsThis system is the future of the education system all over the world. It is the most efficient way of learning and opens up numerous opportunities for individuals to grow. This digitized education system is a step towards development and it reaches wherever there is an availability of the internet. It is most beneficial for the ones who are not able to afford to learn at educational institutes.  

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