India is transforming into Digital India and is giving wings to every young individual to take a long flight to the success of their dreams. One of the most important milestones achieved in this regard is the digital Library. It is the virtual repository of eBooks and study resources with one-click access and features like search and subscribes. So, now learning can come to those who are willing to learn without having to battle any hurdles. Be it remote learning or pursuing education on budget, the digital library gives the power of reading to every reader across the country. One of the worst-hit sections of the pandemic in terms of education is the school going kids. With the emergence of the digital library, school going students have hit a jackpot. With endless access to course books, digital libraries for schools in India are turning into a blessing for facilitating education at your fingertips.   

Benefiting Every Child Across India  

Users from all across the country with bare minimum internet connectivity and a smart device can access study materials with the help of a digital library. These platforms bring reading closer to every school attending kid. It is easy to navigate and is flowing with the course inclined eBooks and resources. A digital library for schools in India is a network that connects the knowledge-seeking young minds to their dreams. It is a powerful invention and a gift of technology to the school going children of India that enhances the learning experience of the young learners by implementing effective learning.   

If you are still confused as to what to do, or which digital library to visit that caters to your learning needs, here’s a vivid list of the digital libraries for schools in India.  

Digital Libraries for Schools in India: Some Important Sites to Remember  

Google Books  

Google has become a synonym for the internet these days. The moment we say, we are going to look it up on the internet, Google is at the back of our mind, at the same instant. The leading player in the internet industry is Google. Similarly, Google Books is a humungous repository of eBooks, magazines, study materials, research papers, and so on. You can preview some of the books on the platform and click to buy them before start reading. There are several books available in the google books digital library and some of them are even free for reading. So, it is one of the digital libraries for schools in India that lets the students benefit by reading from the free and paid online study resources.   

National Digital Library  

Developed by IIT Kharagpur, the National Digital Library of India is a vision of the Ministry of Human Resource Development. It aims to fulfil its National Mission on Education through Information and Communication. Students may browse and read some general study materials. If you wish to read from the classified materials, you must register with a valid email account and password.   


The Mintbook Digital Library is a platform that ensures that every child gets the power to read and learn. It is an anytime-anywhere learning platform where reading resources go endless. Moreover, the digital library by Mintbook is super pocket-friendly so that every child can afford it and has the course relevant reading materials. It is pre-loaded with the school curriculum and some fun learning resources like simulations, DIY, science hacks, and more. To be precise, it is a whole world of knowledge at the fingertips of young students.   

For the Love of Reading  

World Digital Library  

An international library operated by UNESCO, the World Digital Library is an online reading platform that is filled with versatile content for educators, scholars, and everyone who wants to read. The amazing part about the World Digital Library is that it promotes cross-cultural content available in non-English languages. So, every reader across the world will have something or the other in the form of non-western culture-rich content to read and learn.   


Wikisource is operated by the Wikimedia Foundation and is free for all digital content platforms. Wiki source provides user-generated content meaning scholars from across the world may contribute to relevant knowledgeable articles for reading on the platform. All the content on the platform is freely licensed so any reader anytime can access it without paying a dime. You also need not register or log in to read on the Wikisource. If you know what you are looking for to read and want to expand your exposure to any subject by reading more, you can always find it on Wikisource.  

The Internet Archive  

The Internet Archive is the most well-known and one of the oldest Digital Libraries open for students and readers of all sorts. As a matter of fact, it is one of the richest open access resources that the students may benefit from. The innovative digital library is a vast repository of eBooks, study materials, knowledge magazines and so on. It is also a helpful refuge for teachers, professors to gain more knowledge on almost anything and everything that they might want to learn or read. The best thing about the Internet Archive is that it is free for school students.   

Most will think that an open-source so huge and vast must be difficult to navigate and find books. On the contrary, it is very user friendly and easy to navigate. Moreover, in a few simple steps, any student can register and start reading with the Internet Archive. As a student, you need to sign-up for a free account on the portal with a valid email account. You can start reading immediately and also download some of the copyright-free eBooks for reading later. The borrowing period for a book that is copyrighted is 14 days and you can also renew your subscription before it is ending if you want to continue accessing the book for a few more days, provided that there is no one on the waitlist for the same book.   


So, that completes the list. Now, you can just go ahead and start reading. If you are looking for a fully functional and course inclined digital library for your school-going kid, Mintbook is the one to try. The eBooks on the platform are curated as per the board curriculum and along with eBooks, one cost-friendly subscription of Mintbook gives your child a window to learn any subject with interest in a fun way.