Digital Libraries act as an online knowledge base in these desperate times when going to traditional libraries is not feasible or possible. Even it is much difficult to find the relevant study materials on the internet. In such a scenario, digital libraries bring knowledge closer to the learners and make it possible to learn anytime, from anywhere at any pace. The digital libraries expand the horizons of learning and generate a safe online learning environment for all. So, from primary students to those pursuing higher education or even the employees of organizations who are training on the job or want to upskill, can put their faith in eLearning and choose success.   

For the sake of continuous learning and successful outcomes, digitization and automation of libraries hold much higher value in this digital age. By doing so, it will be possible to disrupt the learning industry and bring the much-needed transformation in this regard. Digital libraries preserve knowledge and make it more accessible. So, here’s the Digital Library Software list that the organizations, as well as institutions, must know about.  

Today, several digital platforms are coming forward to offer either premium or open-source library management systems or software.   

Premium and Open-Source Digital Library Software and What’s the Difference Between the Two?  

There are many open-source Library management software enabling various institutions and organizations to digitize the learning content. These systems are free and by signing up institutions can easily use them for the betterment of the students and employees. Generally, these systems help automate the acquisition and management of digital libraries for no cost. So, those using these systems can manage their catalogue, generate reports, download the library management software for free without any copyright issue, offer online access to a limited range of copyright-free books. Some open sources are also enhanced with the search tool for looking up specific study materials at an instant.   

Features of the Open-Source and Premium Digital Library Software in General  

Acquisition and Maintenance  

Open-source library software comes in handy for the acquisition of the learning materials and it also allows easy maintenance of these resources. It makes the work easier at the administration level for those responsible for maintaining records of the available resources in the repositories. Just like traditional libraries, Digital Libraries also require librarians to keep track of the resources. So, it is easily manageable with the help of open-source Library Software.  

Free and Time-Saving  

Not only does the open-source libraries save operational costs but a lot of time. With easy access to information and maintenance, eLibrary management becomes hassle-free for educators.   

Easy User Interphase  

The open-source libraries are made, keeping in mind the general audience. So, it has a super simple interphase and anyone with a basic knowledge of the internet or who can use a smartphone can navigate on the platforms with ease. Indirectly it also saves added cost of hiring a help desk associate for using the eLibrary.   

Efficient, Secure, And Reliable  

Authorized personnel of the library can maintain the resources with a few clicks, thereby increasing the efficiency of the people managing the online libraries. On the other hand, eBooks are indestructible and the chances of knowledge or data loss are least. With the elimination of manual errors or human errors, it is reliable and secure too.   

Premium Digital Library Software  

Premium Library software is more organized and equipped with efficient features and tools. These online libraries are also enriched with content in multiple formats like videos, images, audio, info graphs. These platforms also boast a huge repository of copyrighted as well free eBooks and study materials and all of them are course relevant and available for the users for as much use as they require in the subscription period. So, premium digital library software is more compact and comprehensive and offer more opportunities for online learning, upskilling and making every step count in learning. Let’s have a look at the Digital Library Software List.

Digital Library Software List

Open-Source Library Management Systems  


KOHA is used worldwide by institutions, schools and special libraries. It is a fully-featured and scalable library system that is web-based. Institutions or organizations using the software need not manage a separate server to run KOHA as it is web-based. The software also offers backups and upgrades online.  


This platform is a professional archiving, cataloging, and library management suite available as an open-source for organizations and institutions. It is available for all major operating systems and has several features that can used to run a digital library undisturbed. BiblioteQ can be used to offer access to online research papers, videos, catalog books, and much more. It is also a platform with drag and drops interphase making navigation and usability easy for the users.   


OPALS is another open-source automated digital library software that is trustworthy, easy to afford, implement and use. Many libraries across the world are using OPALS to manage their digital libraries which is a reason enough to know more and try it. It has many useful features, support functions, and an engineering framework.  


PMB is yet another open-source digital library software that has many useful features. It undergoes updating at regular intervals by the developers of PMB and thus is always up-to-date. It is a complete library management system that has a network of roughly 10 to 15 sites.   

Premium Library Management Systems  


Mintbook is eLearning service provider with premium digital library software solution. It has its vast repository of study materials all updated at regular intervals and everything relevant to courses. It is a digital library software designed to assist organizations and institutions. It offers a simple and easy to understand interphase and provides digital library solutions end-to-end. Mintbook digital Library is useful for online learning, study materials, assessments and much more. It is also equipped to aid virtual classes and learner-focused training.  

Marvel Soft Library Management System  

This digital library software is exclusively made for schools and helps them manage books, book stocks, book borrow and return online and more efficiently. It is a web-based integrated library automation software based on a web application model.  

My Library by Solver Software  

My Library is also an ideal premium Digital library software for schools and institutions and it comes in handy for managing books, records, automatic fine calculations with audit reports. It is user-friendly software and very easy to use. It offers a multitude of features like reports, multi-location access, maintenance, and so on.  

Ampletrails Library  

Ampletrails library is a digital library software that enables easy and efficient catalog management and other library-related workflows and tasks. It is available on web-based as well as local-host based modes and it has features to help manage multiple libraries at once by a single person. The features of the software include reports, records management, check-in, check-out and much more. 


Mintbook emerges as the clear winner because it is the one stop solution for your needs, it provides you with not only the digital library software and also it provides you with the option of choosing of more than 1 Million e-Resources in 10 Indian languages. These e-Resources include eBooks, Audiobooks, Journals, Videos and many more.