2021 has been a year of technological advancements, development of eLearning and digital transformation for the education sector and industries. 2022, the year forward is assumed to be another greater year for the success of digital learning, training and upskilling. This is because the vanishing pandemic is leaving the world in the thought that eLearning is a way forward. So, the COVID19 pandemic won’t be a novelty anymore for making way for digital learning. The increasing inflation is already putting the world at the edge and pushing them to find cost-effective ways to upskill the workforce. Under such circumstances, what could be better and affordable than harnessing the power of technology?  

Online learning, training and upskilling are already emerging as an integral part of organizations. Organizations consider corporate training and upskilling as an essential part of a company’s growth strategy. So, eLearning brings and blends many benefits for the companies in the training and upskilling process. It includes benefits like anytime anywhere training, savings on infrastructure and instructor costs, enhanced results, metrics and tracking learning progress, and so on.   

Top Employee Training and Development Trends You Must Not Miss in 2022  

eLearning and upskilling imply a more employee centric-approach that gives them the opportunities as well as incentives to be at the receiving end of the benefits and values that the organization care for and respects. In turn, a brand value is inculcated amongst them, making them individual brand owners and ambassadors. As we know already employees are the internal customers of the brand and this value gives heightened benefits to the companies.  

So, here are our top predictions for employee training and development trends in 2022.  

We hope, these predictions will help you stay ahead and plan better for your organization’s growth in the next year and beyond.  

Micro-Learning will Continue to Pick up Pace  

We have seen in 2021 that how learners and educators are leveraging technology to move forward. Ever since 2020, there has been a large displacement of the workforce from offices to remote work. By 2021 and by 2022, it will continue to be a trendsetter and create more growth opportunities. Therefore, even in the year ahead, a hybrid working model will gain more importance than the traditional way of working and training on the job. Naturally, training and development will also continue to follow the same path of hybrid or complete digital learning.   

Learning Experiences Will Touch New Horizons with Gamification and VR  

eLearning blends gamification and many such interactive tools in the learning program. This in turn, efficiently engages the learners thereby motivating them and also producing significant benefits. Another common component of eLearning in the year 2022 will be virtual reality. Current trends are indicative of VR becoming an integral part of eLearning which will also make use of gamification concepts to further enhance learning, grasping and retention. Thus, online learning and upskilling will Continue to Benefit Employees and Organizations  

Mobile learning will Empower Industries to Cover More Grounds for Employee Upskilling  

Companies will continue to go global and cover more grounds, making learning and training accessible for employees spread across the world with the expanse of eLearning. The training delivery methods can also be customized as per the company needs. So, every organization can use one or more of these training delivery modes and foster overall growth. eLearning trends will thus continue to reach new heights in 2022.   

Upskilling, Reskilling and Cross-Skilling Will Touch New Heights  

Upskilling, Reskilling or Cross-Skilling, all indicate fulfilling employee potential. Since times are evolving, it has become essential to upskill continuously and reskill to keep updated with the changing trends. Companies operate at a dy7namic rate and employees must match up in their skills to work in such a dynamic environment. Upskilling and reskilling ensure that the employees constantly learn new skills or additional skills to improve their efficiency in working. eLearning in this regard creates opportunities for each employee to learn and evolve with the changing industry trends. eLearning study materials are updated over the cloud at regular intervals. The interactive tools make them even easier to learn and learners engage better in the training programs. Thus, employee training and development trends for 2022 indicate more opportunities for upskilling with online learning software and platforms.  

Automated learning Processes Will Make the Learning Journey Smoother  

As much as the companies benefit from an upskilled and trained workforce, the millennial employees are also enthusiastic about learning. They are on a constant lookout to learn and harness their energy in personal development for better opportunities. The corporate world has become fiercer, so everyone here wants to be at their peak. In this aspect, learning plays a key role. This is why Deloitte’s Future of Corporate Learning reports suggests an increase in the number of employees who seek learning benefits in their employment. This shall follow the same upward trend in 2022 also and a greater number of employees will appreciate and encourage organizations to add learning benefits as a part of employee programs if they have not already.  

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To summarize, education enthusiasts and experts have already started seeing the benefits of eLearning and continuously supporting it for the benefit of everyone. We will see more widespread adoption of online development programs, greater knowledge retention and more engaging training materials. More and more inclination of the workforce towards remote working and upskilling will be the contributing factors to the higher adoption rate of eLearning. By keeping abreast of these trends and the latest developments you will be able to plan your development plans in a better way in 2022. You can also ensure to stay at the competitive edge by following trends and planning wisely.