Colleges and established institutions know that the necessity of having a well facilitated library is essential for imparting and sharing knowledge in an effective and structured manner. To keep books readily accessible to students, colleges are now implementing digital libraries.

This is where Mintbook saw an opportunity and created a revolutionary e-Library, tailoring to colleges’ and students’ needs. e-Libraries remove the infrastructure issue and the daily manual updating and maintenance of a huge number of books.

What are the benefits of Mintbook’s e-Library for a college or an organization?

Mintbook offers this Customized e-Resource subscription to organizations, teachers, schools and colleges to facilitate the quick sharing and spreading of information and knowledge. From the perspective of a librarian, this is a technological interface that provides ease in administration and a quick way of updating books and keeping track of borrowed and returned books.

The registration process is simple and the subscription rates have been kept at a minimum for optimum use of the platform by all colleges. e-Libraries help connect people to their academic course books which would have otherwise been out of reach and also make the books readily available to teachers and professors.

Features of Mintbook’s e-Library:

This is a unique Digital Library meant for students and those of us who love to read. Having your own library which can be accessed anytime and from anywhere is a wonderful thing! The maintenance costs for an e-Library are very minimal, as opposed to managing a brick-and-mortar library.

With ample cloud space, your e-Library can accommodate 1000s of eBooks. Mintbook provides academic books to students, professionals, and institutions, offering an array of engineering books, medical books, marketing books, and much more.

Mintbook e-Libraries are available on a subscription basis wherein a there is one-time registration set up payment to be paid. For the first year, the subscription is a minimum of Rs.99 per user. As an institute, your users can be your students, professors, librarians, or any individual you would like to share your eBooks with.

Your users can upload and share their own content too. Monitor and manage your content the way you wish to. Chat with users in the group when they are online and get access to a wider collection of eBooks.

Steps to register:

1. Fill up the online form, providing the basic details asked for.

2. You will receive an email from Mintbook at your registered email address

3. Click on the confirmation link to complete the registration process.
4. Upload your college/company logo and customize your library’s banner

5. Make necessary payments and start setting up your own e-Library!