Summer vacation or summer break creates opportunities for school and college students to relax, rest, and rejuvenate their minds. Some students make the most of the vacation by spending quality time with their loved ones. At the same time, some students use the time to indulge in their favorite hobbies.

Multiple studies suggest a surge in the number of students joining summer courses and attending summer classes. Summer vacation classes help students stay sharp and develop new skills. In the digital age, students can attend many online summer vacation classes and summer camps.

The abundance of options makes it challenging for students or parents to decide on the right summer vacation classes. We make it easy for them to make summer break more productive, exciting, and engaging by discussing some summer vacation classes ideas.

9 Summer Vacation Classes Ideas to Keep Students Sharp and Engaged

  1. Storytelling

Many analysts believe that storytelling is one of the skills that will remain relevant in the age of intelligence technologies. However, one can master the art of storytelling only by combining creativity, vision, skills, and practice. Storytelling classes create opportunities for students to create engaging content by learning important aspects like character creation and narrative development. After attending the summer vacation class, a student will inspire, influence, and engage others by writing different types of stories – myths, legends, fables, and fairy tales.

  1. Coding

Coding helps students unleash creativity and boost problem-solving skills. Also, code writing is one of the skills that will enhance a student’s career prospects in the long run. A student has the option to join many online coding classes. Online coding classes enable students to learn how to write code in a specific programming language. Also, a student can learn coding at his own pace by accessing content in the desired format. However, a student must decide on the programming language before evaluating online coding classes.

  1. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is currently one of the in-demand job skills. Many students enhance their career prospects by developing digital marketing skills during summer vacation. A student these days has the option to join short-term digital marketing courses after the 12th. These online courses help him learn how to promote and market a company’s product or service using popular digital marketing channels like search engines, social media, and paid advertisement. Also, the student will learn how to accelerate and automate digital marketing activities using various tools and platforms.

  1. Yoga

As the art and science of healthy living, yoga brings harmony between a person’s body and mind. Multiple studies have highlighted how yoga helps students relieve stress, enhance memory, improve concentration, and boost brain development. A student can improve his physical and mental health during the summer vacation by learning yoga. Many online courses enable students to learn and practice online yoga or virtual yoga. A student can learn to join online classes to practice yoga anytime and anywhere without visiting a studio. However, he must focus on choosing the right instructor and evaluating the learning content quality.

  1. Cooking and Baking

Cooking is an essential life skill for both boys and girls. No student can master the art of cooking and baking in a short amount of time. But he can spend the summer vacation learning the basics of cooking and baking. Many institutions these days organize cooking and baking classes for beginners or kids. Students can join the right course to gain hands-on experience by completing simple projects. These cooking skills will encourage him to prepare delicious and healthy dishes by experimenting with recipes.

  1. Reading

In addition to sparking imagination and creativity, reading drives knowledge acquisition and stress reduction. However, access to smartphones often makes it challenging for students to make reading a habit. Online reading courses help students foster reading habits by becoming members of active communities. Instructors assist students in making reading lists according to their interests and preferences. Also, they recommend digital libraries and reading websites that deliver tailored content to each student regularly.

  1. Craft Making

The increase in screen time suggests most students lack opportunities to explore their creativity and imagination. Students can leverage a slew of physical and mental benefits by developing the skill of building objects using their hands. Craft-making courses help students unleash their creativity and imagination by building various decorative and functional objects. The craft-making skill acquired during summer vacation boosts a student’s self-confidence and mental agility. Also, students can showcase their talent by crafting objects in the traditional way.

  1. Language Learning

After completing their studies, most students will work in distributed and global work environments. They have to collaborate with coworkers who speak different languages. Summer vacations create opportunities for students to acquire and hone multilingual skills. A student has the option to learn many foreign languages. Also, he can write, read, and speak the language fluently by joining online language learning classes. However, students must prioritize language learning classes that facilitate real-time conversation practice.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have been transforming industries through end-to-end business process automation. In digital work environments, students will use various AI-powered tools to perform important tasks like data analysis and content creation. Students can enhance their career prospects by learning AI technologies during summer vacation. They can obtain AI certifications by completing short-term courses provided by many institutions. However, they can consider this summer vacation class idea after acquiring fundamental knowledge in computing and mathematics.


While considering summer vacation classes ideas, parents must enable students to acquire new skills at their own pace. They should create opportunities for students to spend quality time with loved ones by opting for online summer vacation classes. Unified learning platforms create opportunities for many institutions to offer online summer vacation courses.

They help students choose from self-paced or instructor-led training models using a learning management system (LMS). Likewise, digital library software enables students to access content in their preferred format. Hence, a student can acquire new skills at his own pace by reading eBooks, watching videos, listening to audio, or taking quizzes.