According to the market insights shared by Statista, the online education market in the United States of America (USA) is projected to grow at a CAGR of 11.05% in the near run. The growth projection suggests a surge in the number of students joining online courses and earning online degrees.

At the same time, Enterprises in the USA drive the eLearning market growth by digitalizing employee training and development. Several companies and startups help enterprises and educational institutions implement eLearning by providing essential edtech tools like learning management systems (LMS).

The features and tools provided by the LMS help organizations develop, deliver, report, and track online courses/training programs efficiently. However, some companies and startups stand out from competitors by providing sophisticated learning management systems.

Most of these LMS companies in the USA reduce upfront and ongoing infrastructural costs by hosting their software in the cloud. Likewise, some companies boost their software using cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics. We are highlighting some of these top LMS companies in the USA that have been expanding their customer base consistently.

Overview of 7 Top LMS Companies in the USA


In a short period, Mintbook has emerged as one of the top LMS companies in the USA. The eLearning solution provider caters to the varying needs of enterprises and educational institutions by launching a unified learning platform.

The learning platform features an LMS that supports the hottest eLearning trends like mobile learning and learning gamification. An organization can implement, customize, and integrate the cloud-based LMS without putting in extra time and resources.

At the same time, Mintbook boosts the LMS system by providing a complementary digital library. The integration of the LMS and digital library helps learners acquire knowledge and hone skills by accessing content in the desired format using computers or mobile devices.

Talent LMS

Talent LMS is one of the widely used employee training and development tools in the USA. The platform helps businesses reskill and upskill employees by running a slew of training programs – sales, compliance, technology, cybersecurity, and onboarding.

Its intuitive user interface enables employees to access multi-format digital content seamlessly using computers and mobile devices. Also, it keeps learners engaged and increases course completion rates by offering gamification features.

At the same time, training managers can use the software to create eLearning content, repurpose existing content, track learner performance, and sell online courses. An organization can customize, integrate, and maintain the cloud-based LMS without escalating costs.

Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS is popular with companies and startups in the USA as an easy-to-use eLearning platform driven by AI technologies. The cloud-based eLearning solution simplifies employee upskilling and reskilling by featuring a comprehensive library of courses and training programs.

The prebuilt courses make it easier for businesses to run and sell training programs without focusing on eLearning content creation. The software ensures that each learner can access the desired content using intelligence technologies.

At the same time, Absorb increases course completion rates by adopting emerging eLearning trends like gamification, mobile learning, and social learning. The administrators can use an intuitive interface to implement and track training programs by setting schedules and rules.

Cornerstone LMS

Cornerstone has built a reputation in the USA by meeting the eLearning needs of enterprises by providing a unified platform. The unified platform helps companies and startups run multiple employee training and development programs by supporting self-paced learning and streamlining content management.

In addition to gamifying eLearning, Cornerstone LMS helps organizations create multi-format eLearning content and track certifications. At the same time, it personalizes the learning experience and employee journey using AI technologies.

The AI algorithms used by the cloud-based LMS help managers boost employee training and development initiatives based on the strategies and best practices adopted by thousands of companies. Also, an enterprise can expand the LMS by integrating it with existing eLearning tools and solutions.


Despite its name, WeSchool is extremely popular with companies and startups in America. Enterprises and educational institutions opt for this AI-powered learning management system to simplify course creation, foster learner collaboration, and monitor learner progress.

The content authoring tools provided by the LMS help instructors produce fresh eLearning content and reuse existing eLearning content. At the same time, they can customize and implement online training programs in a short amount of time by integrating open and closed modules.

Also, they can reduce content and course completion time significantly using AI-powered tools. WeSchool uses advanced data analytics to help managers track important eLearning metrics like course completion rates, learner engagement, and learning experience based on real-time data.


Companies in the USA opt for this comprehensive learning management system to eliminate the need to implement and integrate multiple eLearning tools. 360Learning simplifies employee training and development initiatives by providing workflow tools and off-the-shelf content.

The ready-to-use content helps enterprises run various employee training programs without investing in eLearning content development. Also, they can enable employees to employees share information and content by providing them with content coauthoring tools.

At the same time, 360Learning drives course completion rates by supporting self-paced learning, gamified learning, and social learning. It makes it easier for managers to measure learner experiences and optimize training programs by tracking track important eLearning metrics.


This unified learning management system is hugely popular with educators and educational institutions that create and sell online courses in the USA. Graphy enables educators to generate revenue in a variety of ways – selling online courses, launching websites, building mobile apps, hosting webinars, and growing communities.

The drag-and-drop editor provided by the eLearning solutions helps educators create interactive courses without putting in extra time and effort. At the same time, educators can use the templates and building blocks provided by the software to build websites and mobile apps without writing longer lines of code.

Graphy provides an intuitive dashboard that helps educators monitor leads, track their progress, and convert them into customers. Also, educators can receive payment effortlessly by integrating the right payment gateway while offering discounts and promo codes to the leads.


Top LMS companies in the USA acquire and retain customers by making their software effective in meeting an organization’s current and emerging needs. They update their software regularly by adding new features and leveraging next-generation technologies.

Also, they boost customer experiences by delivering 24/7 customer support across multiple channels. However, decision-makers must evaluate the software according to their precise eLearning needs, along with considering the reputation of the LMS provider in the USA.