A business can no longer boost customer experience by providing products with out-of-box features or personalized services. In addition to improving the quality of its products or services consistently, every enterprise must help customers to meet their precise needs by using the product or service successfully and optimally. You can easily educate and assist customers to get the most out of your product or service by launching customer training programs.

According to HR Daily Advisor,

Customer training, particularly in industries like IT and technology, has become an increasingly popular concept. As the term suggests, it involves educating customers on how to use your product or engage with your service more effectively.

In addition to reducing ongoing customer support costs, customer training programs improve customer experience, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty simultaneously. Your organization can use one of the widely used LMS solutions for customer training to teach customers about various products or services by providing access to multi-format digital content. Your organization can access and use these cloud-based software solutions based on the Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing model without incurring infrastructural costs.

Some of the LMS software can be customized to facilitate employee training, channel partner training, and customer training. At the same time, there are many LMS solutions that come with native features and tools to simplify customer training delivery and management. But the LMS solutions differ from each other in many aspects – accessibility, usability, features, and security. We help you to find and compare some of these top LMS solutions for customer training by gathering information from diverse sources.

Identifying and Comparing 7 Widely Used LMS Solutions for Customer Training

1) Adobe Captivate Prime

Your organization can use Adobe Captive Prime to train employees, customers, and channel partners. The cloud-based LMS solution is developed with native features to accelerate product adoption and manage customer onboarding by launching customized training programs. Adobe Captive Prime recommends relevant content to every customer automatically using an AI-driven recommendation engine.

Also, it keeps the customer engaged by integrating a personalized learning experience and social learning. You can make the learning experience more engaging by implementing gamification and fostering positive competition between customer groups. The LMS helps you to keep customer training programs more impactful by tracking content relevancy and analyzing content consumption patterns.

2) SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos is one of the LMS solutions that focus on promoting fast and automated customer training. It makes customers acquire the information and instructions required to use a product more efficiently by sending automated emails. Also, it assigns courses and learning paths to every customer based on predefined rules.

Your organization can leverage the wide range of off-the-shelf content and courses to reduce both course creation time and cost. At the same time, customers can access the multi-format digital content anytime and anywhere over the internet using their computers or mobile devices. SAP Litmos is one of the LMS solutions for customer training that focus on strengthening data security and privacy.

3) Mintbook

In addition to being a scalable and customizable elearning solution, Mintbook comes with built-in features to educate customers by providing both formal and informal training. The instructors and administrators can use the tools provided by this cloud-based LMS solution to deliver and design multi-format learning materials according to the needs and preferences of individual customers.

Also, they can promote customer satisfaction and loyalty consistently by monitoring the performance of customer training programs and working on the areas of improvement. Mintbook further boosts customer delivery by helping customers to find relevant information about a product or service and enabling them to access the relevant learning materials in their preferred format.

4) 360Learning

This new-age LMS software transforms customer training by implementing collaborative learning instead of elearning. Instead of allowing learners to access online courses or digital content, 360Learning emphasizes on sharing of expertise and knowledge. Your organization can consider this LMS software to educate and teach customers in a fresh and innovative way.

You can encourage employees to help customers make the most out of your product or service by sharing relevant information, instructions, and tips based on their experience. The approach will help your organization to reduce course completion time and cost while improving learner engagement and course completion rates.

5) Looop

Looop is developed as a futuristic LMS solution that makes enterprise learning more impactful by delivering the right content to every learner at the right time. Many enterprises opt for Looop to deliver customer training effectively by leveraging useful features like automatic content delivery, automated notification, and surveys. Looop delivers the appropriate content to every customer automatically based on the rules set by you.

Also, it requests the customer to access the training courses by sending notifications through emails and text messages. The resource builder included in this LMS helps instructors to create customized courses and reuse existing courses. Also, they can make the content more impactful and relevant by gathering learner feedback using built-in survey tools. Your organization also has the option to customize this LMS according to your website and branding strategy.

6) Abar

Many enterprises opt for Abar to teach after-sales product usage to business-to-business (B2B) customers. Instead of requesting B2B customers to complete online training programs, this LMS helps your business to educate customers by emailing a wide variety of digital content and resources – manuals, guides, and operation-related documents. The customers can make the most out of the product or service by reading the documents or watching videos.

At the same time, Abar allows customers to ask questions directly using My Queries feature. Your team can impress customers by solving issues and providing on-time assistance by answering these questions proactively. The customers can further solve common issues on their own by accessing product FAQs and how-to guides through the LMS. Your organization can opt for Abar to deliver a variety of customer training – after-sales product knowledge, after-sales product usage, and after-sales product care.

7) Easy LMS

This is one of the easy-to-use LMS solutions that come with built-in features to facilitate both employee training and customer training. Your organization can use Easy LMS to boost customer experience and promote customer loyalty by offering product instructions and updates. In addition to delivering product knowledge, you can use the LMS software to certify customers’ product knowledge.

Also, the LMS helps you to gather customer feedback and identify the information required by customers by including test questions in the instructional materials. At the same time, it enables instructors to create customized customer training programs by including text, images, audio, and video. The customers can access the multi-format content anytime and anywhere using their preferred device.

Most of these cloud-based LMS solutions for customer training are easy to customize, extend, and scale. But you must not forget to compare the LMS solution providers while comparing the LMS solutions provided by them. It is always important to build a partnership with an experienced and reliable elearning solution provider to retain customers and sustain growth by making customer training an ongoing process.