To earn the skillsets for engineering, students go through several ups and downs. With the increasing need for accessible and relevant study materials, guidance in the study, and proper practice, it almost becomes a tedious task to find everything under one roof for an engineering study for the students. That is why online learning platforms for engineering students are a great breakthrough in the study process. These platforms are the game-changer in how students approach and go through their entire learning journey. The platforms offer the best of resources and features and even make learning accessible for all, irrespective of the student demographics. We will be discussing these facts surrounding the learning platforms for engineering study in this article. 

It’s a fact that online learning is the future and will undoubtedly replace land-based learning in the future.”


The Growing Popularity of Online Learning Platforms for Engineering Students

Engineering is not an easy course. It requires passion, dedication, and a lot of hard work. But there is another important element to the engineering study. It is called smart work. While study plans many times, fail, students hit a wall in their study plan or struggle to procure the course materials. They often end up unprepared for exams, or worse, fear is due to the anxiety of less preparation. However, you emerge to be an engineer only when you have fought these battles and won.   

The Rise of Online Learning Platforms for Engineering  

Over the last decade, online learning platforms for engineering have gained tremendous momentum. Owe it to the feasibility and convenience of the study, Engineering students in today’s world value these platforms more.   

The Pandemic Push for eLearning Platforms  

The COVID19 outbreak has pushed the widespread use of eLearning platforms furthermore. It has taken the center stage in people’s lives as they battle to stay fit and fine. Amidst the battle for living, arises the greater battle for continuity of education. In this respect, eLearning platforms have brought a huge sigh of relief to the students, parents, and education facilitators.  

While the online learning platforms were still gaining momentum before the pandemic, the virus outbreak only added fuel to it. So, students, as well as educators in India, began to adopt eLearning and eventually started seeing its upsides.  

To this day, numerous eLearning Platforms are coming up and about to offer the best of tools and features for study. Simultaneously it is gaining popularity and more and more students are finding refuge on the online learning platforms for their engineering study.  

What Do Online Learning Platforms Do Differently?  

The eLearning platforms are completely revolutionizing and innovating the way students approach their studies. It is making learning more effective, accessible, and convenient. So, we can say that gone are the days of burying yourself in stress and anxiety for getting appropriate notes, managing study schedules, getting the books, course materials, or learning and getting your queries solved. The online learning platforms are making great progress in connecting all the dots to lead to a more comprehensive and systematic way of learning.   

So, to answer the question of what online learning platforms for engineering do differently, all of it. It turns around the entire process of engineering study at the student’s convenience. It also gets into the aspects of taking studies to the students rather than students coming to study. To put it together, eLearning platforms bring all the learning materials under one roof, change the entire process of study grasping by making it more interactive, and then finally offering a place for rigorous practice.   

So, from beginning to end, engineering students start with a systematic study process, find relevant study materials, practice, and get prepared for the final exams.  

Which are the Best Online Learning Platforms for Engineering Students?  

There are numerous eLearning platforms focused on Engineering study. However, it is not quite easy to find a platform that all the needed features and tools in one place and is budget-friendly at the same time.  

Here are some of the best available platforms in India for engineering students. 


For a more comprehensive, degree and post-graduate level engineering study, the Mintbook online learning platform for every kind of engineering student. It is already registering users for its systematic and intuitive study tools and features.  

Once you get a subscription, you begin your learning journey in s step-wise manner. First, the platforms offer a study planner that is personalized and customizable as per individual study needs. So, all the users on the platform have a study planner that helps them set a goal and achieve it at a set period. Next up, is the exhaustive Digital Library that has all the necessary course eBooks along with supporting videos, infographics, and much more. The platform even has discussion forums, Study Clubs, so that learning comes to a full circle and every student achieves what they dream of while pursuing engineering.   


This eLearning portal is exclusively for Engineering and Computer Science students and it has an element of programming to offer. The platform offers the students access to 7 programming languages, that are-  

  • Html & CSS  
  • JavaScript  
  • JQuery  
  • Php  
  • Python  
  • Ruby  
  • APIs.  

These courses are available at three distinct levels starting as a beginner, intermediate and advanced. Students get the liberty to choose from the levels that want to learn. So, it is one of the known and excellent platforms to learn to program.  

IIT Kharagpur Digital Library   

This is another exhaustive repository of engineering course books with access to a wide range of eBooks for study. If you have a list of books to read for your engineering course, you can subscribe and get it in the IIT Kharagpur Digital Library.  


Udacity takes its reputation for providing engineering and IT students with quality educative resources. The platform itself partners with credible universities to provide self-paced courses for its users. So, students benefit from these exclusive features on the platform and pace up their engineering studies.  

The platform offers several learning options including self-study using its free resources as well as modulated classes handled by reputable teachers. Due to its focus on providing vocational resources to assist programmers and other technical vocations, it is one of the known names in the online learning platforms list.  


EdX.com offers education from the top institutions with coverage of over 3000 courses to choose from. It is one of the solid eLearning platforms to learn programming, computer science, blockchain, and so on. Upskilling for freshers is another go-to option that the platform offers.  

If you are searching for a platform that houses intuitive learning features, then edX is one of the great platforms to choose from.   


MOOC abbreviation for Massive Open Online Courses is one of the biggest open sources for anyone to enroll. Freshers can learn new skills or upskill with MOOC for very minimal fees. It is an appropriate online learning platform for career development, changing careers, supplemental learning, lifelong learning, corporate eLearning, college preparations, and more.   

For Start to End Study, Mintbook Is Your Go-To Partner  

Among all these handful online learning platforms, Mintbook is a full-fledged learning platform with great benefits. It is cost-effective, saves time, and prepares the students end-to-end for their engineering course. All the features and resources on the platform are credible and curated by expert curators. It has eBooks only from renowned technical publication houses, so there’s no question on the course materials.   

The platform is self-sufficient in taking every student by the hand and helping them with proper guidance in their engineering study.