In addition to improving the performance and productivity of employees, employee training and development (ET&D) helps your organization to keep employees motivated and reduce the employee turnover rate. But your organization can generate higher ROI in the long run only by making ET&D an ongoing process. Also, your organization must focus on creating a variety of employee training programs – onboarding, communication, technical skills, soft skills, compliance, diversity, and workplace safety.

Mintbook is a multiple award-winning LMS solution that makes it easier for your organizations to create and manage a variety of employee training programs efficiently. Like other cloud-based elearning solutions, Mintbook LMS helps you to reduce overall ET&D costs by eliminating the need to build and manage an onsite IT infrastructure. Mintbook can further be customized, scaled, and extended according to your organization’s employee learning strategies and needs.

But you can each of these employee training programs only by improving the learner experience and fostering active learner engagement consistently. Your ET&D strategies must focus on creating a culture of learning by making and motivating employees to acquire knowledge and hone skills regularly. That is why; you can leverage the features and tools provided by Mintbook LMS fully while creating employee training programs only by focusing on some important factors.

How to Leverage Mintbook LMS Fully While Creating Employee Training Programs?

Evaluate and Define Your Elearning Needs

Before creating employee training programs, you must evaluate your organization’s elearning needs and define elearning needs clearly. The evaluation will help you to create employee learning programs to achieve specific goals – boost employee performance, onboard new hires virtually, reskill or upskill employees, ensure regulatory compliance, or provide soft skill development. Mintbook is one of the LMS software that can be customized according to your organization’s precise employee training strategies. Hence, you can easily access a customized LMS by defining your employee training needs and goals.

Prepare Personalized ET&D Plan for Every Employee

Your ET&D strategy must focus on delivering the right training to the right employees. For instance, you need to create onboarding programs by targeting employees working in conventional and virtual conditions. Likewise, you need to ensure that compliance training is provided to every employee each time the rules and regulations change. Mintbook LMS enables you to create multiple training programs by targeting both individual employees and groups of employees. Hence, you can create multiple employee training programs by considering the qualification, responsibilities, and needs of individual employees.

Implement Blended Elearning Model

Mintbook is one of the new-age LMS software that supports multiple online elearning models – self-based learning, virtual instructor-led learning, and blended learning. It facilitates self-paced learning by enabling employees to access a variety of digital content on their computers, smartphones, or tablets over the internet. Likewise, it facilitates virtual instructor-led learning by featuring native video conferencing tools. But you can overcome the shortcomings of self-paced and virtual instructor-led learning models by implementing a blended learning model.

Enable Employees to Access Multi-Format Digital Content

Like other widely used LMS solutions, Mintbook comes with built-in content authoring tools. The instructors and content creators can use these tools to create customized content for employee learning programs. They can use these tools to create content in a number of ways – creating fresh content, uploading existing content, and gathering content from online sources.

At the same time, Mintbook LMS comes with a complimenting digital library that consists of multi-format digital content from reputed publishers. Your organization can leverage the ready-to-use digital library to curtail both content creation time and cost. But you can make the employee training programs successful only by allowing every employee to acquire knowledge and skill by accessing a variety of digital content – ebooks, presentations, infographics, audiobooks, videos, and quizzes.

Promote Active Learner Engagement

You must remember that a large percentage of working professionals acquire knowledge and skills after long working hours. Hence, you can make an employee learn only by keeping her engaged and motivated. Mintbook LMS helps you to promote active learner engagement by providing a slew of features – discussion forums, chats, leaderboards, query corners, and nuggets. Also, you can keep employees motivated and ensure knowledge transfer by gamifying the learning experience using options like badges and coins.

Monitor and Measure Learner Performance

You can use Mintbook LMS to automate routine administrative tasks like sending training reminders and tracking learner progress while creating employee training programs. Also, the LMS software allows you to access a large repository of timed quizzes and mock question papers. You can leverage the native evaluation system to measure the performance of employees by creating customized question banks. Also, you can use the LMS to schedule promotional exams to ensure knowledge transfer after delivering relevant training to employees.

Adopt Hottest Corporate Learning Trends

Trends in corporate training and employee training change from time to time. You can achieve the preset ET&D goals only by adopting the emerging trends in corporate training early and regularly. The flexible and customizable nature of Mintbook makes it easier for you to implement emerging trends proactively. Also, you can leverage the features and options provided by Mintbook to implement some of the hottest trends in employee training – game-based learning, mobile learning, microlearning, and social learning.

Evaluate and Finetune Employee Training Programs

You can make ET&D strategies successful only by fostering knowledge retention and transfer. Some employee training programs perform better than others. Hence, you need to evaluate the performance of individual training programs based using the right metrics. Mintbook LMS helps you to measure and monitor the performance of individual employee training programs by generating reports base on real-time learner data. Also, you can easily boost the performance of every employee training program based on timely feedback shared by the learners.

Facilitate Global Interaction and Collaboration

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it essential for businesses to allow employees to work from home and operate in a virtual environment. You must revamp your existing ET&D strategies to onboard, train, and upskill employees virtually. That is why; you must focus on facilitating global and virtual collaboration while creating and implementing employee training programs. In addition to delivering a superior learning experience across devices, Mintbook LMS is developed with features to facilitate global collaboration. You must leverage the native features to train employees successfully in distributed and virtual working conditions.

In addition to reducing overall ET&D cost, Mintbook LMS system helps your organization to create a variety of employee training programs. Also, it is being updated regularly to help your organization adopt emerging trends in elearning and corporate training. That is why; you must leverage the new and updated features provided by this cloud-based elearning solution to keep various elearning programs relevant and impactful in the long run.