In addition to boosting their employees’ productivity and performance, corporate training helps businesses streamline work processes, improve company culture, and minimize employee turnover. Elearning tools and solutions help businesses run corporate training programs by connecting learners to learning resources.

Your company or startup can implement digital learning tools to enable employees to expand their knowledge and hone skills at their own pace. However, your business needs multiple eLearning tools to automate the employee training process successfully.

We are making it easier for you to automate employee training by discussing some of the best eLearning tools for businesses in 2024.

Overview of 7 of the Best eLearning Tools for Businesses in 2024


Mintbook facilitates employee training automation by providing a unified digital learning platform. The digital learning platform includes a learning management system (LMS) and a digital library management software. The cloud-based LMS helps your organization run corporate training programs without increasing upfront and ongoing costs.

Your team can leverage the enterprise LMS to train and reskill employees by creating, delivering, managing, and tracking a variety of training programs. At the same time, the robust digital library helps your organization provide eLearning resources to employees without investing in content creation and optimization.

Your employees can access the LMS anytime and anywhere using their computers or mobile devices. Also, they can understand a topic or concept deeply by watching and re-watching educational videos.  Your organization can evaluate the features provided by Mintbook by booking a demo.


Kahoot! boosts corporate training and development through gamification. Your organization can use the eLearning platform to engage and involve employees by delivering interactive business presentations. In addition, the eLearning tool supports blended learning and promotes social learning experiences.

Your business can access Kahoot! by choosing from four monthly pricing plans – Standard, Presenter, Pro, and Pro Max. The standard plan enables you to deliver content and gather feedback by conducting polls and using quizzes. The presenter plan helps you train employees by making presentations and conducting workshops.

The pro plan converts slides into comprehensive presentations using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Also, it supports sessions of varying lengths. At the same time, you can opt for the pro max plan to create AI-powered courses, while customizing and branding eLearning courses.

Kotobee Author

The software provided by Kotobee helps businesses simplify and accelerate employee training material development. In addition to using AI technologies, Kotobee Author comes with a robust eBook authoring solution. The tool simplifies eBook creation by supporting multiple file formats and providing eBook templates.

Corporate trainers can use Kotobee Author to create interactive eBooks by integrating text, images, videos, and questions. They can further save time and effort by accessing a free library consisting of over 3 million photos and videos.

Additionally, they have the option to brand each eBook by embedding your company logo and using color schemes. Your company can access Kotobee Author by choosing from fermium and premium pricing plans. It can integrate the content authoring tool seamlessly with many widely-used learning management systems.


This premium eLearning platform automated corporate training by combining LMS and training materials. Litmos comes with features and tools to facilitate corporate training for employees, partners, and customers. In addition to being easy to implement and integrate, the multi-language LMS provided by Litmos supports over 35 languages.

Your business must implement Litmos to enable employees to acquire knowledge and hone skills by accessing content in native languages. At the same time, you can use the customizable dashboard to track course completion and course completion.

At the same time, Litmos allows trainers to access ready-to-deliver courses and provides a robust content authoring tool. Your company can implement Litmos by choosing from three pricing plans – foundation suite, premier suite, and platinum suite.

Adobe Captivate

Adobe recently updated Captivate with an intuitive user interface (UI) and several new design options. The revamped UI enables users to speed up eLearning content creation by discovering relevant features in seconds. At the same time, users have the option to craft and brand visual content using templates, rich media assets, and design options.

Your business can consider Adobe Captivate as a simple and captivating eLearning content development tool. The tool makes it easier for your organization to boost employees’ productivity and performance by recording screen demonstrations. Your employees can watch the recording to perform the desired tasks accurately and efficiently.

At the same time, Captivate enables you to convert webinars and presentations into interactive and engaging employee training materials. Your organization can subscribe to the pricing plan for teams and enterprises after evaluating the popular content authoring tool by booking a demo.


Typeform has developed and launched VideoAsk as an interactive video creation tool. It comes with tools to boost lead generation and conversion activities using interactive and personalized videos. A user can leverage VideoAsk to share ideas and explain concepts by recording short videos.

However, VideoAsk is currently used by many businesses to facilitate employee training and development by recording short videos. A trainer can use the software to share information and ask questions by recording short video clips.

Likewise, a learner can respond to the questions by recording short videos or sending textual content. The massive popularity of video content makes VideoAsk one of the popular eLearning tools for businesses. Your organization can implement VideoAsk by choosing from three pricing plans – Start, Grow, and Brand.

Easy Training Tracker

This cloud-based edtech solution helps you automate one important aspect of corporate training – employee training tracking. You can use Easy Training Tracker to save the time and resources required to monitor the employee training and development process.

The software features a reporting engine that helps you which employee has completed or needs to complete which course by generating reports. Additionally, you can make them join specific training programs by sending automated notifications.

Easy Training Tracker helps you reskill and upskill employees by recording the courses completed by individual employees and ensuring training compliance. Your team can evaluate the features provided by the eLearning solution by scheduling a live demo or discussion.


While automating employee training in 2024, your organization has the option to implement a unified eLearning platform or individual eLearning tools. The unified digital learning platforms help you eliminate the need to implement multiple edtech tools and solutions.

However, you must identify and define your organization’s employee training and development needs before comparing and shortlisting the best eLearning tools for businesses in 2024. Additionally, you must prioritize eLearning tools that can be integrated with each other seamlessly.