Elearning is evolving into perfecting learning experiences and replacing traditional learning methods. The year 2020 created a drastic change in the education sector. Traditional learning methods were replaced with eLearning due to the restrictions on the social gathering. Schools, universities, and training institutions had to digitalize their learning processes. This phase also encouraged various innovations to perfect eLearning experiences. There are various developments in e-learning technologies to perfect teaching and learning. Over the past years, there have been a lot of innovations and developments in digital learning. Apart from the education sector, eLearning is being implemented as training in various sectors and organizations.

According to Global Market Insights,

“E-Learning Market size surpassed USD 200 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to grow at over 8% CAGR between 2020 and 2026.”

Large corporates have been conducting training for a very long time. Earlier training was an expensive task for any organization. It required funding for resources needed to conduct training. Only large-scale industries were conducting training programs for their employees. Today, eLearning has enabled small businesses to conduct training for their employees as well. There are various innovations that are being used to provide easy access to learning. One such innovation is a Learning Management System that has become popular amongst organizations. It helps in conducting and managing training with ease. It provides a variety of features that automate tasks and make it easier for the admins to manage all users from one place. Now, another system that is driving the interest of eLearning enthusiasts is a Learning Experience Platform (LEP/LXP).

What are Learning Experience Platforms?

The Learning Experience Platforms are cloud-based systems that offer a personalized learner experience beyond the traditional Learning Systems. It offers an enhanced personalized user experience for effective learning. LEP is not a replacement for LMS, it’s an addition to enhance the overall user experience. This system will improve learning experiences to get better outcomes and help the organization grow.

Features of Learning Experience Platforms

LEP features are used to make the learners experience finding, and discovering content, and being able to utilize it fully. Paired with the features that LMS has, the system can provide an effective learning experience. Here are some features of LEP:

Personalized Content Recommendations

In a lot of websites, AI-driven content recommendations provide an addictive experience for the users. This system makes sure that the users receive content recommendations based on their search history and the areas they have shown interest in. This helps in saving time and effort in looking for the type of content the user wants. This system works with an AI that studies the pattern of interest of the user based on their activity on the system. This feature is gaining a lot of popularity amongst various entertainment and knowledge-based websites.

Personalized Learning Path

The system develops unique personalized learning paths for each user based on their skills, knowledge, interests, and capabilities. This helps each user to utilize the best of their abilities to learn something new. Learners can use the feature to create their own learning paths as well. This gives them more flexibility to choose the way of learning that they are most comfortable with.

Multimedia Library

Today, almost every organization that is into learning and training has a digital library. Even in schools and universities, Digital Libraries have become an addition to physical libraries. eLibraries provide a huge collection of knowledge in various formats accessible by users at any time and from anywhere. These libraries give the users something more than just their course content. Users can explore subjects of their interest beyond the course material and understand the topics better.

Content Creation for Users

The users can create their own content and share it with other users. The learners can create their own research papers, PPTs, articles, and videos and share them with other users. This helps the user to participate in not just learning but also providing valuable input from their end. This feature provides the users with intuitive tools to help them create and share learning content. This encourages participation and interest in learning amongst the users.

Content at the right time and the right place

This feature helps organizations to get learning content in the place where it is most beneficial. Integrated with other systems for office management, this feature can provide it when it’s most beneficial. This helps immediate learning and practice.

Reasons to Implement Learning Experience Platform

  1.  Firstly, if you have brilliant learning content and you are not able to utilize the same properly, then implementing a Learning Experience platform can help. Its unique features that aid users with the discovery of content make sure that they utilize the best quality courses.
  2. Secondly, sometimes Learning Management Systems are not able to fully provide a satisfying experience to the users. A Learning Experience System can help in making the user experience better.
  3. Thirdly, if your organization has been conducting team-based training programs, still there may be a lack of skills that you might have missed out on. A system will enable the team members to create content more effectively and share it with trier users for the course.
  4. If your organization needs the best quality of training for your employees for risky jobs, an LEP would enhance their learning and make it the most effective.

There are various Learning Experience systems in the market. When you go hunting for the one that is suitable for your needs, make sure you try it out. There are many companies that give free trials for their systems. This helps in understanding how it works and analyzing if your employees are able to use it with ease or not. If you already have an LMS system, make sure that your LEP works smoothly with it.

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