The latest market insights shared by Statista suggest the steady growth of the online education market and a surge in the demand for digital learning platforms in India. Learning management system software is one of the commonly used eLearning tools that drive the growth of the online education and training industry in India.

Schools, colleges, and universities implement learning management systems to create, deliver, and manage eLearning courses effectively. At the same time, companies and startups implement eLearning software to reskill and upskill their workforces by running various employee training and development programs.

However, learning management system software (LMS) in India differs from each other in the category of market share and user base. Several learning management systems stand out from the crowd by leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies like cloud computing, data analytics, and artificial intelligence.

At the same time, many learning management platforms beat the competition by providing gamification features, content authoring tools, and complementary digital library access. We are making it easier for organizations to manage online learning or online training by discussing some of the widely used learning management system software in India.

Overview of 7 Top Learning Management System Software in India


The popular cloud-based learning management system software in India comes with a comprehensive digital library. The complementing digital library converts Mintbook into a unified learning platform. In addition to reducing content development time and costs, the library enables learners to access eLearning content in multiple formats.

At the same time, the LMS boosts learning experiences and learner engagement by providing features like discussion forums, query corners, leaderboards, and chats. Also, the software helps organizations increase online course completion rates by featuring gamification options like coins and badges.  Decision-makers can assess the reputation of Mintbook based on the recognitions and awards earned by it.


Moodle is popular with organizations as an open-source learning management system. In addition to supporting multiple languages, the eLearning software can be customized by an organization by embedding its logo and changing color schemes. At the same time, the content authoring tools provided by the LMS enable trainers to create and import online courses in bulk.

An administrator can customize the admin interface enabling and disabling plugins. The customized admin interface makes it easier for him to manage user roles and permissions and assess eLearning programs by generating custom reports. The most recent version of Moodle boosts learner engagement and learning experience using AI technologies.

Canvas LMS

Canvas is popular with schools and colleges in India as an extensible learning management system. It comes with features and tools to streamline the delivery of K-12 education over the Internet. Also, the LMS supports online, in-person, and blended learning models. In addition to accessing eLearning content in multiple formats, students can use the software to interact with educators and peers.

Canvas enables students and instructors to access eLearning resources stored in a centralized location. They can further access the software anytime and anywhere using smartphones or tablets. Canvas used advanced data analytics to facilitate informed decision-making. An educational institution also has the option to integrate the LMS with a slew of eLearning tools.

Docebo LMS

Many companies and startups in India opt for Docebo to leverage many integration and extension options. The premium learning management system boosts the employee training and development process by supporting mobile learning and social learning. At the same time, an administrator has the option to integrate Docebo with over 400 free and paid enterprise learning solutions.

Organizations customize Docebo to build and run online training programs for employees, customers, and partners. Docebo is one of the learning management system software that boosts employee reskilling and upskilling using AI technologies. Intelligence technologies make the LMS effective in personalizing learning experiences and meeting emerging learner needs.

Easy LMS

Easy LMS is hugely popular with business consultants in India. Business consultants implement the learning management system software to train multiple customers simultaneously and efficiently. Easy LMS enables them to build branded eLearning portals for individual customers. Each customer can access the eLearning portal anytime and anywhere using his preferred device.

A consultant can use the software to save time and effort by repurposing training programs and content for each customer. A consultant can encourage and motivate customers to acquire knowledge by sending invites and course progress reminders. Also, he can generate custom reports to track participants and course progress based on real-time data.


WizIQ helps educational institutions blend multiple learning models by featuring learning management software and virtual classroom software. The LMS helps institutions and educators increase revenue by digitizing tutoring operations and selling online courses. At the same time, the virtual classroom software enables them to deliver live training and coaching without using multiple edtech tools.

WizIQ provides robust content authoring tools that simplify the creation of eLearning content and online tests. As the software supports mobile learning, learners and educators can access WizIQ seamlessly using smartphones and tablets. At the same time, the learning management system software used data analytics to personalize learning experiences by delivering the right eLearning content and providing options to choose learning methods.

Talent LMS

Companies and startups in India implement this cloud-based LMS to access an extensive library of online courses. Talent LMS drives employee training and development by providing an array of ready-to-use courses, including onboarding training, sales training, compliance training, technology training, and cybersecurity training.

It further allows companies to customize the LMS according to their precise branding and employee training needs. Employees can acquire and hone skills by accessing the multiformat eLearning content using both computers and mobile devices. They can further complete online training programs successfully by following the completion guide and learning path suggested by Talent LMS.


An enterprise or educational institution has the option to choose from a slew of learning management system software in India. However, decision-makers should not use market share as the primary criterion while comparing learning management systems.

They should shortlist learning management software that is easy to implement, customize, integrate, and skills. At the same time, they must ensure that every learner can acquire knowledge at his own pace by accessing multi-format eLearning content using his preferred device.